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The clutch in an auto vehicle is one of the important components. They are workhouse of a modern car. Located between engine and transmission, clutch encounters ever increasing strain caused by power and high torques. The clutch is the first stage in the transmission of the car with manual gearbox. Most cars use friction clutch operated by hydraulic fluids or cables. When the car is moving under power, the clutch is engaged. A pressure plate bolted to flywheel exerts constant pressure on the driven plate by means of diaphragm spring. Earlier cars had series of coil springs instead of diaphragm springs at the back of pressure plate. When the clutch is disengaged or the pedal is depressed, the arm pushes a release bearing against the center of diaphragm spring which releases clamping pressure.

 Drivers are advised to immediately take their car to car garage, if they notice even minor problems with the clutch. At some point in your vehicle’s life, you are probably going to experience problems regarding clutch. Auto Clutches engage and disengage the motive force produced by the engine.

The increase in a vehicle’s weight, torques, and engine’s output by the passage of time has increased demands of a better clutch system. Pulling tons of loads behind by heavy vehicles makes it hard to drive on a clutch.

Therefore, damage to clutch is quite evident. Bucking when setting off can cost expensive repair. Heavy tow loads can damage a vehicle’s clutch very badly. Overload will cause friction between clutch disc and flywheel which will result in isolated hot spots. These hot spots will increase the cracks on the friction surface of clutch pressure plate and flywheel. This can cause complete failure of dual mass flywheel (DMF) of car because the special lubricant in the DMF would become harder if it is constantly exposed to the heat. This will eventually lead to replacement of the DMF.

Let’s take a look at some warning signs that your clutch may not be functioning up to par.


The most common warning is slipping of a clutch. If your clutch slips out of the gear during regular driving, then it needs replacement immediately. What this means is that when you accelerate, the extra gas won’t make the car move any faster. When the engine spins faster, clutch disc slips on the flywheel and none of the motion gets transferred. It will seem as though the car suddenly goes out of gear and then comes back in. The gears are still engaged but the engine motion is not producing enough motion in the transmission and the car's drive train i.e. input shaft, drive shaft, wheels etc. because it is slipping. This indicates that the clutch has worn out and the crankshaft is leaking the oil. Any worn out clutch can be replaced in a simple repairing procedure.


Overheating of a clutch can produce burning smell, same as that of burning of a rubber. These are signs that your clutch plate is beginning to wear and tear. Too much incomplete contact with the flywheel may cause the clutches to suffer. This may happen as the pressure plate is maladjusted or damaged and put the clutch disc in partial contact with the flywheel. Riding the clutch can disengage the clutch disc from the flywheel, making the latter spin against the former.

This slow grinding of the clutch disc causes premature wear. This problem is most common in slow moving traffic. So in such cases get it checked by a professional.


The hydraulic action that disengages the clutch disc from the flywheel can have problems. It may become difficult to disengage the clutch in this situation. In old model vehicles, mechanical actions that engage and disengage the clutch may cause problems due to this. A soft clutch is an early sign that your clutch is beginning to fail. If this happens, you will suddenly find yourself in a vehicle that cannot be taken out of gear except by force. You can still put on the brakes but they would be fighting the motion of the engine. This may cause dangerous situation which is better off avoiding.

Drive your car for short distance keep your attention on how far you let the clutch out before the gear catches. If you allow your clutch to come out, it is sign of a worn out clutch.


Too much grease on transmission input or pilot bearing as well as leaks in hydraulic actuation system lead to dirty facings. These can cause change in frictional behavior between clutch disc and flywheel.
Therefore it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the source of the problem and to fix it immediately.


1. Absolute cleanliness is necessary. Touching clutch facing with greasy hands may result in impaired operations later. 

2. The clutch hub needs proper greasing. If too much grease is used, the centrifugal forces spread lubricant onto the clutch facings causing it to malfunction.

3. Check the clutch disc for axial run out prior to installation.

4. Do not use force to join clutch disc and transmission input shaft hubs as it may cause damage to the hub spine.

5. Tighten the clamping screws in accordance with the requirements using star pattern and applying specified torques.

6. Thoroughly inspect the release system and if necessary replace the worn parts.

7. The adjacent components should also be inspected during the clutch replacement as doing so will save up expensive follow up repairs.

8. You can run a small test about whether or not your clutch is ready for replacement. You can conduct a simple road test. When in first gear, rev your engine and change directly into fifth. If your engine continues to rev high, this means that gear has not caught on properly and clutch has some issues.

Make sure the clutch on your manual transmission vehicle stays in good condition by paying attention to the above discussed factors.

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