Road trips are fun if Car doesn’t break down. Partsavatar presents maintenance tips that will keep you on right track!

Conducting proper maintenance on your vehicle can extend the life of your car and save you a lot of money down the road. ~ Care for your car at parts avatar Auto replacement parts!

Proper maintenance of car is very essential for hassle free trips.  It is often frustrating to encounter any form of car trouble particularly when you are in hurry or are far away from auto repair shop. Regular car maintenance can help prevent the possibility of you being stuck in such situations. Let’s take a look at some of the car maintenance tips suggested by parts avatar.

Choose proper Fluids for brakes, cooling and transmission systems
It is very important to use manufacturer’s recommended fluid for your vehicle for it is better performance. Be careful while you choose car’s coolant/antifreeze or automatic transmission fluids as fluid contamination can affect a car’s performance adversely.
Transmission and other components often tend to become noisy and perform poorly if you use bad quality fluids for your vehicle.

Make sure while filling coolant that the radiator is not contaminated. If you see burning smell or dark brown color of coolant, then you might need to flush out the radiator and fill it with new clear coolant. If ignored, it will cause engine overheating problems.

Check the tires
Tires act as interface between car and ground. If your car’s tire is not having enough tread, you won’t be able to stop quickly or handle slippery roads. Check the tires regularly for proper inflation. Under inflation not only damages the tire but also causes accident on the road if you keep on driving. Under-inflated tires are also a risk for your car’s fuel economy. It is better to install TPMS sensors to check tire pressure as tires are very expensive to replace.

There is also a short trick by which you can determine whether your car’s tire needs replacement. Place a dime in one of the tire’s grooves, with the bluenose’s sails pointing down. If you can see all of the sails, then tires probably need replacement.

Check vehicle’s recall status
Recalls identify potential safety issues. So, visit your automakers website and check each vehicle’s recall status.
Automakers provide free repair services for the recalled vehicles, and most of us are oblivious of this fact. About 20 percent of car owners do not take advantage if there vehicle is in recall list because they don’t know such clause.

This is not advised to get a free maintenance. You will also get to know why the vehicle was recalled and which auto part is faulty.

Replace your Brake fluid every two years
Brake fluids help lubricate the moving parts within braking system, protect metal components from rusting and corrosion and also ensure that the hoses and seals remain in good condition.

It is one of the most neglected fluids in cars yet it is very important for a safe drive. The water contamination inside the brake system often leads to brake failure. Check your owner’s manual for instructions and bleed your car’s brakes by replacing brake fluid timely.

Check your car’s battery
Without battery, your car just won’t start. It would be even harder for you if you have to drive in extreme cold region. On an average a car battery lasts for four years. This average lifespan will fluctuate depending upon extreme temperature exposure or whether or not it goes through full charge cycles.

Check your car’s battery and replace it timely for better driving especially in cold weather.

Use premium quality fuel
Some sportier models require grade quality fuel which ignites more evenly in their higher compression engines. Regular fuel will result in sluggish performance of vehicle.
So choose premium quality fuel for optimal performance of engine.

Listen to your car’s noises
You can easily notice issue with any auto part by judging the noise coming from car. If you hear grinding, squealing noise coming out of brakes, then check and replace car’s brake system parts .

Clunking noise can be heard when you turn the steering wheel or it can be noisy exhaust. Your car’s wheel bearing is demanding lubrication if you hear humming noise.

So, the bottom line is, decipher the noises and act accordingly. Ignoring the noise will only increase your repair bill so think wisely.

Go long
Engine cannot heat up enough to remove condensation during short trips of car. If the engine won’t heat up properly then engine oil won’t be able to lubricate and protect the moving parts. As a result engine auto parts will start showing signs of premature damage.

If you take a drive lasting at least 45 minutes and change your car’s oil every three months, it would be best for your engine’s health.

Wash your car

If you are living in cold regions like Canada then do yourself a favor and use a self serve car wash to remove salt from your vehicle’s underside until the water runs clear after every winter.
Otherwise buildup can corrode the electric wiring or brake lines.

Check air filter
For a better mileage and fuel economy, check your car’s air filter at every oil change. Dirty or clogged air filter will prompt the vehicle to use more fuel than usual. For better mileage install new air filter for car.

If you notice decrease in gas mileage or engine performance, you may have to replace your car’s air filter. If ignored your car may have to face the problem of engine misfiring in worst case scenario.

So, never let the air filter get dirty and check it regularly.

Checking Green Car
Eco friendly vehicles are best for fuel economy and emit less volume of carbon compounds in the atmosphere as compared to conventional cars but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require maintenance.

If you own a hybrid car which operates on both battery and gas, hybrid engines require oil changes like the regular cars do.

While electric cars don’t contain oil, you should have their brake System components and steering system components inspected at least once a year.

Check the belts
Broken belts are one of the most common reasons for roadside assistance calls. Visually inspect all the belts for any damage or crack. Replace the belts, radiator and hoses of car easily from any aftermarket store at affordable costs.

Check the exterior lights
Exterior lights are easy to check and inexpensive to replace. You can easily buy automotive lighting accessory from aftermarket auto store based on your owner manual specifications.

Operate the turn signals, brake lights and backup lights and check for reflection in the rear view mirror. Perform the same inspection on front turn signal lights, headlights, high beams and running lights. You should not avoid inspecting the lights especially if you drive mostly at night. Lights are not only for your proper vision and safety on the road but they also notify other motorists on the road of your presence.

Properly maintain your car and have a safe trip without any car issue. Update your car with aftermarket auto parts at parts avatar performance auto parts with free shipping.

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