Check out some tools that you can easily use to perform auto repair jobs at home without any professional assistance !!

Check out Some Essential Auto tools you should have at your home for small Repair jobs ~ Partsavatar Auto Tools and accessories.

Mechanical labor is very expensive. There are some tasks that are DIY jobs and you can easily fix repairing some auto parts in a short time with the help of simple tools. This will not only save your money but also your precious time will also be saved.

Even if you are not a mechanic, but there are some tools that you need to have in your garage or your toolbox for emergency so that you won’t have to visit your mechanic for trivial auto repairs. Parts avatar offers almost every auto tool that you need in your garage under affordable costs. You can also get benefit of free shipping on aftermarket auto parts over $99.

Latex Exam Gloves
Latex exam gloves are preferable for regular work. They are disposable and clean. Latex gloves are natural materials made out of rubber. Latex gloves fit like a second skin and work well for infectious materials. There are lightly powered which makes them easier to put on.

Latex gloves are better than nitrile exam gloves because they are clean and do not get greasy after washing. So, avoid using bare hands and do put on latex gloves for your protection.


You can buy aftermarket automotive Multimeters at any auto parts store for checking car electrics. The current that is used on cars is Direct current and multimeters can check current, resistance and voltage readings. Advanced multimeters also include features for measuring engine speed and dwell angle. Never forget to zero the meter before the test especially while checking low resistance.

Multimeter is quite an essential tool in garage. When our car’s electronic system or batteries freak our nerves, then it is the multimeter that solves the mystery behind electric terminals.

Socket sets include a variety of wrench heads for different sized bolts. Without any doubt it is one of the most important tools for a mechanic. The socket and turning tools are used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts on vehicles.

Mechanics often use torque wrench with a socket to fit the cylinder head bolts to a car engine. You can shop for aftermarket socket sets for cars available under cheap prices at any auto shop. Socket sets generally contain sockets and bits of varying sizes.


For every gear head, from the average to a geek, a solid collection of wrenches is must for the completion of almost any automotive repair task. In tool world, combination wrenches are often considered as the standard wrenches. With time and innovation, new forms are flooding in the market. Our best pick is 18 pieces Gear Wrench set which ranges from 1/4"- 1- 1/4” and features open ended size and a ratcheting box end so there’s no need to remove the wrench on each turn.

Pliers and Wire cutters
There are many electrical tasks that you can easily perform yourself that are to be done in your car. For instance, installing or wiring car headlights, stereo head unit or speakers. The tools that are needed for this task are mainly wire or cable cutters, automotive pliers and automatic wire strippers.
Visit parts avatar to buy other hand tools and accessories at affordable prices.

Torque Wrench
After hearing about automotive torque wrench we often presume it to be like ordinary wrench. Torque wrenches are basically used to snug the bolt to a specific level of tightness.
Prior to even buying one, you must know how to use a torque wrench to avoid damaging it or even worst stripping/snapping the bolt.

If you are looking for automotive torque wrenches or electronic automotive torque wrenches then check out our high quality range. Partsavatar Canada stocks wide products for all your requirements.

Screw Drivers
Screwdrivers are a tool box essentials, whether you are working at an automotive workshop or at home garage. Equip your cars, trucks or SUVs with premium quality Milwaukee's Automotive Screwdrivers from Partsavatar car tools and auto parts. Partsavatar deals with the tools that are made with professional grade components and are built to last for generations.

Milwaukee is one of the leading automotive tool brands in North America. Milwaukee’s automotive screwdriver provides balanced grip for power needed for example soft grip for increased turning power and built in bolster for extra turning power.

Brake Bleeder
Brake bleeding of car is very important if you want a smooth drive. The worn brake pads can cause the brake fluid level to drop in the master cylinder allowing air to get pumped into the lines which results in soft or spongy brakes.

Car’s brake system depends on strong and steady flow of brake fluid. So equip your garages with brake bleeder adapter set and pressure brake bleeding system for better assistance in the task of brake bleeding.

If you are looking for car's Vacuum brake and hydraulic clutch bleeder then check out parts avatar’s high quality range of brake bleeding tools under auto service tool section.

Lubricants and Adhesives
Automotive parts need lubrication for their movement. You will need to acquire some special liquid sprays. You will need all purpose auto cleaners to clean oil, lubricants and grease from practically any washable surface on a vehicle.

Use all purpose automotive Lubricants  and greaseless lubricant to prevent auto parts from corrosion and rusting.

Don’t forget your hands. Get style heavy duty hand cleaner which quickly cleans heavy dirt, grease and oil of our hands and is also ph balanced. Also save your auto Air condition parts from leakage by shopping for best quality auto A/C sealants from parts avatar.

Check out parts avatar’s excellent range of lubricants like automotive radiator coolant dyes and get benefit of free shipping for shopping over $99.

Technical and Repair Manuals
What will the tools and accessories do if you don’t know how to do your job? Refer to car’s manual and it will give you knowledge about product, model and specification and repair DIYs.

You can also shop for Haynes’s auto technical manuals and repair manuals to do a perfect job from any auto store.

The tool list for your toolbox doesn’t end here. These are essential tools that can save your dollars and even expensive cost you pay to mechanic for his labor. But mind you, not every auto repair is a beginner’s job, you might need training or skills to perform some repairs so beware. Sometimes, a wrong repair job can affect more than one auto part.

Partsavatar deals with the auto parts and accessories that are professionally inspected before being sent into warehouses. So buy auto parts with confidence and trust at parts avatar Canada.

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