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Have you ever thought just how the fuel is burnt inside the car? Many of us will make a rough guess that it’s the job of an engine. It is. But who is performing this job inside the engine exactly?
We need fuel to run our cars. To burn that fuel and to produce energy some space is required. That’s where the concept of combustion chamber dives in.
Combustion chamber is an enclosed part of internal combustion engine in which air- fuel mixture is burnt. In short, combustion chamber is that area where air fuel mixture is ignited.

 It is generally formed on the one side by the shape cast into the cylinder head and on the other side by the top of the car engine's piston . When the piston is at the top dead center and the chamber is at its smallest dimension then this is the most vulnerable and unstable condition for air fuel mixture and then it is ready for ignition process. The combustion process increases the internal energy of the gas, thus increasing the temperature and volume of that gas. In the confined place, the volume is controlled and the pressure is produced. This pressure helps in moving piston on a crankshaft through automotive engine’s crankshaft pulley.

Combustion chambers work as the lungs for the engine. The better the combustion chamber design is the better the engine breathes. Combustion chamber design plays a pivotal role in the performance of Car’s Engine.  Car’s engine performance depends upon Shape of the top of the piston, shape of the chamber, location of valves and spark plugs and overall airflow through exhaust and intakes.

Now let’s have a look at widely used combustion chambers in modern cars.

Internal Combustion Engines
Internal combustion engine is a heat engine in which the combustion of air-fuel mixture takes place in an enclosed space which then produces energy and pressure to move piston, rotors and turbine blades. They basically use air as the oxidizing agent.
Different types of combustion chambers are found in the internal combustion engines. 

Cars and Motorized boats work on the Piston engine mechanism. In the combustion chamber, the energy created by burning air fuel mixture helps in sliding the piston tightly within the cylinder. In these engines, the location of combustion chambers may vary. The chamber may be located in the cylinder head or on the top of piston. For example a V6 engine with cylinders and pistons is commonly used in front wheel drive cars.

As compared to cars the jets and other gas turbines use combustors where the air is pulled in and compressed through the compressor.

Factors affecting the working of Combustion chambers
We can readily detect the problems with spark plugs and engine misfire of car if we know what exactly is happening inside the combustion chamber.

Internal combustion engine is advancing day by day towards the route of perfection. The revolution in the engine world was made by moving fuel injector port into the cylinder and making combustion process more precise. Automakers are aspired to make the engines with compression ratio 12:1 with low emission elements like pump gas and cast pistons.

Spark Plugs

Spark plug is a vital component of car’s ignition system. It delivers the electric current produced by car’s ignition system parts to the combustion chamber to ignite air fuel mixture by electric spark. It also acts as a heat exchanger as it pulls unwanted thermal energy from the combustion chamber and transfers heat to engine’s cooling system.

They play a vital role in igniting the fuel. In modern cars, the area where the spark is created is much smaller while the plug gaps are same as that of old engines. But today’s spark plugs have increased its complexity.

Ford 5.4 Triton V8 users often complain about the spark plugs as they are long and narrow and at the same time very difficult to remove. They are placed near the exhaust and intake valves. So, if the spark plugs wear out by time, ford users need to pay for extra labor cost to remove the complex parts before getting to the spark plugs. In the spark induced internal combustion engines, just forget to drive if the spark plugs are not working.

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EGR Systems
Exhaust gas recirculation or EGR of car is an effective mechanism to control NOx emissions from diesel engines. The EGR reduces the level of NOx gases by lowering the oxygen concentration in the combustion chambers and by heat absorption. EGRs are popular in Gasoline engines to increase the engine efficiency and reduce the pumping work.

EGR systems put a small amount of inert gas into the combustion chamber to control the temperatures. They reduce the NOx emission by lowering the combustion temperature as the exhaust gases do not get burnt.

The temperature in the combustion chamber due to various reactions and mixing may rise up to 2500°F. In high temperature, the oxygen and nitrogen start combining to form harmful gases like NOx and CO.

Advanced vehicles with variable valve timing on both exhaust and intake cam shafts can adjust the timing so that small amount of exhaust gas is sucked into the chamber during intake stroke.

A properly working EGR system is very important to prevent the formation of harmful oxides in the chamber due to increased temperature. It affects both exhaust system parts as well as the performance of the engine.

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Catalytic Converter
Catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts of the car and heavily prone to theft due to its design. It contains catalyst that fastens the conversion of unburned hydrocarbons, nitric oxides and carbon monoxides into less harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and steam/water. The reactions inside the combustion chambers directly affect the working of a catalytic converter.

Anything that gets through the combustion chamber and reaches the face of the converter can reduce its efficiency.
If the emission system sensors fail to detect the formation of gases and substances inside the chamber, you are just inviting a huge replacement bill.

Install sensors and keep record of the emissions of the car exhaust tailpipe. Make sure there is no leak in the engine that is causing the leakage of coolant or other liquid into the chamber as the liquid will automatically flow from chamber to the converter and hence the ultimate destruction of the catalytic converter will take place. Mind you, replacement of a normal Catalytic converter may start from $2000.

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To achieve a robust combustion event out of a combustion chamber, pay attention to the upper mentioned factors. Exhaust gases especially the harmful ones are not good for engine’s health. With the technologies, ensure the correct amount of air-fuel mixture is being burnt in the chamber and optimal engine performance is being achieved.

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