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Working on your vehicle can be a wonderful thing and there is a level of pride and accomplishment. However, getting on your knees, scooting from place to place to get around underneath your vehicle and overall going down and getting up again can be a big pain. It drastically slows down the job we are doing.

A home garage can be an excellent use of space for car DIYs. The most important for a mechanic is to get comfortably under your vehicle for inspection and repair work. Of course we don’t want to get cozy feeling on a creeper but at the same time, we don’t want to feel pain. Today we have a lot of options in terms of Seating tools and creepers.

Partsavatar recommends some latest mechanical seats and creepers for your comfort ability and precision in this article. These creepers and seats are available at partsavatar website’s car repair tool section. Discover best car shop tools and accessories for your auto garage and workshop with best warranty.

Traxion Roller Seat
Traxion roller seat or creeper can be something worth looking for if you want simplicity in your garage along with some extra space and features to make the job easier.

Its overall design is alluring. Entire seating system is made of steel with some storage space to place some of your hand tools. Its padded seat gives you comfort and it is quite durable.

Heavy duty steel casters are made to tolerate heavy loads. Even if your body weight is 200 lbs you will easily glide across the floor. It is a good investment.
Buy Traxion mechanical Roller seat at the most affordable price from Partsavatar.

SUNEX 300Lbs Creeper Seat
This creeper seat also known as tractor seat provides more comfort ability as compared to its previous counterpart.
This creeper seat is significantly expensive as compared to roller seat but it earns extra points from its increased seat support and tubular construction.

It also provides space to place some tools. Tractor seats can tolerate weight of 300 lbs, isn’t it awesome? If you are looking for something comfortable and durable at the same time, then buy Sunex’s Tractor/Creeper Seat withfree shipping all over Canada.

ATD Tools convertible Creeper and Seat
It’s a very unique innovation were one convertible tool can flatten out in a practical and easy way. This tool is quite popular among auto mechanics due its tricky and sturdy construction.

It is often termed as “the Z creeper seat” due to its Z shape. Additionally it provides thick padded cushions created for comfort ability of its user. The 6 swivel casters are quite easy to move around and even under pressure will make entire creeper glide with ease. It can also tolerate weight up to 300 Lbs. this 2 in 1 thing is great. Get the benefit of free shipping on purchasing Convertible mechanical Creeper and seat from Partsavatar.

ATD Heavy-duty Toolbox creeper Seat
It’s very annoying when our garage tools and equipments are scattered here and there due to lack of storage area. Roaming here and there in search of proper tool wastes a lot of time and slows the repair job.

But now, you can easily place your essential tools while working under your seat. ATD has made it possible.
Its vinyl padded seats and 3 drawers of storage make it best of both worlds. Even if you a overweight, you need not worry because this heavy duty seat is capable of handling 450Lbs of weight.

ATD’s toolbox creeper seats are available at partsavatar and you can also enjoy free shipping on its purchase.

ATD Heavy Duty Molded Creepers
If you want a creeper that can help you easily move around comfortably, then you better go for ATD’s molded creepers. Unlike other ordinary creepers, this molded unit provides un- restricted arm movement area so you aren’t bumping up against anything on this unit.

Its PVC wheels are industrial strength and can resist oil, chemicals and even grease. Its weight capacity is even on heavier side at 300 lbs capacity.

ATD 300 Lbs Professional Creepers

Experienced mechanics often use ATD’s professional creepers and you can find almost every mechanic use this type of creeper irrespective of its brand.
What makes it so popular is its 4 position headrest to prevent you from enduring strain near head area. Its 6 wheels make it easier for the creeper to glide around with no problem.

The unit is 40 inches long and you don’t have to spend an arm and leg for this creeper. A 300 Lbs weight can be placed on the professional creepers with ease.

Traxion Wide Body Creeper
Traxion’s wide body creeper has a low profile design and a wide countered deck for comfort. This creeper can also work as regular and can tolerate weight up to 400 Lbs.
Enjoy free shipping on purchasing Traxion’s wide body creeper from partsavatar auto parts.

Hydraulic Creeper seat
You can easily adjust height according to your comfort level by using convenient lever that can adjust height from 16” to 21”.  This creeper seat also provides handy tray for tools and parts storage along with its height adjusting lever. What makes it incredible is its oil and grease resistant wheels and solid wheel design for added strength with rounded sides for easy gliding. Its weight capacity is 200 lbs.

Visit partsavatar to buy hydraulic creeper seat at cheap prices.

Traxion’s Mobile Gear seat
Traxion’s Mobile Gear seat is one of the solid pieces of equipment we have come across. This traxion is mind blowing in terms of comfort ability. It also provides additional storage for tools under its seat.

If you are prone to spend more hours in your garage working, then traxion can provide you a better option with its plush formed base combined with height adjust ability.
Moreover its weight capacity is closer to 400 lbs, so you can roll around without any issue.

If you are thinking to buy Traxion’s Gear seat, then you have come the right way as not only partsavatar provides products of good quality but also gives benefit of free shipping over $99 purchase. Gear seat is definitely going to provide you this benefit.

So while shopping for seats or creepers keep the following tips in mind:

1. Each car creeper does the same job of easily performing maintenance task under the vehicle. There are various types of creepers and seats so you have wide option.

2. If you frequently switch between seated and lying positions, choose a two in one creeper.

3. make sure that the car creeper has correct weight capacity for its intended use.

4. Before purchasing a car creeper or seat, make sure it is comfortable to sit or lie on.

5. Car creepers have a height from floor to frame. A low profile design makes the access to underneath of a vehicle much easier.

6. Car creepers have certain length from head to bottom and width is measured from shoulder to shoulder. So measure these points on your body and get more comfortable creeper according to your precise measurement.

You can also shop our selection of creepers and garage seats in the car repair tool department at Partsavatar.ca. Find quality auto parts and accessories under your budget at partsavatar Canada car parts.

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