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Power brake boosters provide assistance to the car’s braking system. So you won’t have to put in extra force for the brakes to engage. The brake booster is generally located between the brake pedal and master cylinder of car and it uses vacuum to overcome brake pressure.

Brakes are very important for your safety on the road. Any tempering with the brakes or its functionality will result in accident because you won’t be able to stop the car at right moment.

So if you notice that your car is taking more than enough time to stall, brake pedal is difficult to push, power brake booster is definitely failing. Don’t play with your safety. You will find almost everything you need to know about Power brake boosters here.

What is a power Brake booster?
Power brake booster is the device that is used to assist the car’s brake system as it reduces the amount of force it takes to apply the hydraulic brakes. Mostly power brake booster uses vacuum but some may use hydraulic pressure and use power brake hydraulic motor pump of car to accomplish this task of braking.

 Combined with the power of your foot pressing the brake pedal, the shaft (which is pushed forward when the brake is depressed) helps push a piston inside your brake master cylinder which in turn displaces brake fluid through your braking system.

In a typical power brake booster, the brake pedal is attached to the booster via mechanical linkage (in case of vacuum) and brake master cylinder is bolted directly to its other side. When the pedal is depressed, vacuum actuated plunger activates the master cylinder.

How do they work?
As you depress the brake pedal, your pedal linkage causes a shaft to move forward in response to your foot. As this shaft moves forward, it gets in touch with the master cylinder and brake booster. The diaphragm in the brake booster divides it into two parts with both in a partial vacuum.

When the brake pedal is depressed, it causes the valve inside the booster to open which in turn makes way for the air to enter one side of the booster. This difference of pressure on one side helps to push the piston inside the brake master cylinder in response to the brake pedal which in turn slows down the vehicle.

Without brake booster, even simple act of slowing your car would require substantially higher amounts of effort and incur greater amount of fatigue. So brake booster is a helping hand for you.

There are auto remanufactured power brake boosters and new auto power brake boosters in aftermarket stores like parts avatar Canada. Choose your specifications and buy one if you have worn power brake boosters.

Symptoms of Failing Power brake boosters
It isn’t really a good idea to drive a car with failed power brake booster. Though it is possible to drive the car without properly working brake boosters but mind you it’s not at all safe. It becomes very difficult and you will need to press the brake pedal way too hard to stall your car.

It is wise not to drive the vehicle with damaged power brake boosters. Following symptoms can alert you if there is any problem with power brake booster of your car.

Hard Pedal

It is the most common sign of a failing power brake booster. If it is becoming hard to push the brake pedal, brake booster is certainly a problem. The most obvious cause for the hard brake pedal is simply not enough vacuum.

Do not drive a car with hard pedal, as it would become too hard for you to halt your car with such pedal condition and troubleshoot auto hard pedal problem. Call your mechanic, and get your car’s brake system inspected thoroughly.

Replace your ruined power brake boosters with new power brake boosters or even better you can use remanufactured power brake boosterwith master cylinder of car or remanufactured auto power brake without master cylinder after consulting with your mechanic and friends.

Remanufactured items are fully inspected of their warranties before they are added into the product catalog at parts avatar by expert technicians. So if you want to buy remanufactured products then do choose as your auto store.

Engine Stalls
Not enough vacuum will obviously result in hard pedal as read above. Failing power brake booster can draw excess vacuum from the engine. If the diaphragm inside the brake booster starts malfunctioning and allows the air to bypass the seal, the engine will stall when the brakes are applied.

This is quite dangerous as stalling engine can cause grave problems and there are various other causes of a stalled auto engine. Avoid driving that car with such issues and waste no time in calling a professional technician.

Longer Stopping distances
As it becomes hard to pedal, you won’t be able to get power assistance from failing power brake boosters to stop your car.  So, it will take longer than usual to stop your car with much force and fatigue on your side. It is dangerous if you are driving on highways or you are stuck in bad weather.
As always, look for your mechanic as soon as you discover this symptom.

Test the booster at home
You can test your car’s power brake boosters at home too. This will not be as risky as it is on the road. With the engine off, all you need to do is to pump the brakes about five to six times. This depletes the stored vacuum. Turn the engine on while pushing down lightly on the brake pedal. If the brake booster is failing, nothing will happen in this case and brake pedal will push back against your foot.

DIY – Replace Brake Boosters
Replacing brake booster is an easy task. You can take extra help while replacing old brake boosters with new power brake boosters.

1. First step is to disconnect the brake lines. Entire brake system is quite complex so start with removing brake lines from master cylinder. Use the tube nut wrench to slowly remove each line and mark it for easy identification when you are placing them back.

2. After disconnecting the brake lines, take out the master cylinder. You can also check the master cylinder for any sign of damage.

3. The brake booster is connected to the brake pedal. Using wrench unfasten the bolts that attach the brake booster to the engine and remove it completely.

4. Place the new brake booster to its place and secure it with bolts. Reconnect it with diaphragm, engine and brake pedal. Now in the reverse order, reconnect the master cylinder and then the brake lines.

So never ignore any symptom that alerts you for failing power brake booster. And do yourself a favor and use other safe means of transport other than the one with failed power brake booster for your safety.

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