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Is your car’s heater/Air conditioner not working properly? Check out symptoms and how to repair a failing blower motor ~ brought to you by Partsavatar Auto parts.

Blower motor is considered as the heart of most HVAC systems as these components are responsible for delivering both hot and cold air though heaters and car air conditioners respectively on demand. car's Heating and ventilation is important for a comfortable ride.

Almost every vehicle on the road is equipped with heating and air conditioning system components to keep the passengers comfortable inside from the harsh weather outside the car. Car Blower motor serves as main component that blows air through the vents which is usually controlled by auto blower motor resister and auto blower switch.
If it fails, you can imagine your situation depending on temperature you tolerate. 

Failing blowing motor not only harasses you but will also affect car's window defogger drastically. So, it is very important for the blower motor to keep on working properly for your comfort ability inside the car and also for your clear vision in cold weather as if the defogger disables, you will definitely get into an accident.
Let’s discuss about blower motors and its vital components in detail in this article along with symptoms and repair tips.

Components of Blower Motor and its location
Components of an auto blower motor may differ from one model to another but some of the typical components that are commonly found in every model are:

1. DC Motor
3. Housing that can be bolted down.

Blower motor uses following components to control its operation:

1. Blower Motor Resistor
2. Fan Relay

Blower motor’s locations also vary from vehicle to vehicle. Typically they can be located in the heater box while some are buried under the dash. In heavy trucks or passenger cars, heater boxes and blower motors can be found in the passenger compartment while in some instances blower motors can also be found in engine compartments also.

In some large vehicles, there are more than one motor or heaters used which can be located at two different location for instance front and rear end of the vehicle.
Its operation is quite simple. When the voltage is applied to the motor is spins and eventually it causes the fan to spin. Since the fan is located inside the heater box space, so it is able to move large volumes of air at high speeds. The blower motor resistors and fan relays accomplish the task of increasing and decreasing the speed through speed selector’s directions.

The air flow from the blower can be channeled to either heat or cool the passenger compartment. When the heater is preferred air flow is passed through the car heater core that transforms the air into heated one. When air conditioner is preferred, the air flow from blower motor is directed through car air conditioner evaporator to get cool air in exchange.

Symptoms of Malfunctioning Blower motor

There are handful of potential causes that could cause a blower motor to fail. It can be anything from no air circulation to annoying or noisy operation of Heater or car’s A/c. it is very important to locate the fan components before moving further. Fan components can generally be found near the evaporator or heater core of the blower motor. Blower motor is usually mounted in the heater case.

If somehow you are unable to track the location of either blower motor or fan belt, then no need to panic as you have another ally in the form of car’s owner manual. You can easily follow the instructions given by car’s service or owner manual to locate the blower motor.

On vehicles with climate control systems, the fans may not activate until the engine heats up. This is basically done to prevent the circulation of cold air on winter days when you select heat on the climate control system.

Now let us head to the main point and determine the symptoms that can alert the car drivers of problem with blower motors.

Low Airflow from the Vents
One of the very first signals of an aging blower motor is less amount of air being blown out of vents. If when the air or heat is turned on and you notice weak or low air flow out of vents that may be a sign that you need new blower motors. Old blower motor might be approaching the end of its service life and might not be able to produce adequate amount of air flow out of the vents.

No air out of Vents
Not only low amount of air flow is the cause of malfunctioning blow motor. But sometimes there can be no trace of air flow out of vents due to bad blower motor. Blower motor may burn due to short circuit and it won’t be able to produce air flow.
In this case, it is better to replace the blower motor than trying to repair it as the burnt circuits may again cause problem in future. You can also shop for blower motor without wheel at partsavatar.

Motors only functions at certain speeds
Blower motors are designed to work at any speed which is generally operated with the help of blower motor resistor and blower motor switch. If these two components go faulty, they will definitely impact the amount of air flow out of vents produced by blower motor. You will notice air flow being limited to a certain speed.

It’s better to get the car blower motor resistor and switch checked and replaced if needed for your comfort ability.

Fan Cage is Obstructed
A blower motor can fail if the fan cage becomes obstructed. This can be caused if an object falls into the dash vents or a small animal or rodents get into the heater box and pack it full of dirt and debris. You will need to clean the fan cage and the blower will definitely start working again properly unless an internal serious damage is not done to its parts.

Fixing a car Blower motor
The replacement and fixing of car’s blower motor and its components are some of the easier repairs to be performed in automobile world.

However it can be difficult job on a few vehicles due to their complex structure.
Purchase a new resistor module at any auto parts store like Parts avatar Canada. First you have to disconnect the electric connector.

Remove the screws and swap out the resister module. Remove and replace the faulty motor. Confirm the heater or air conditioner is working.
Reconnect the electric connector and you are back in business.

It is recommended to first check the power connector as sometimes simply replacing connector can solve a lot of blower motor issues.

So, for your driving comfort ability, check and replace car’s blower motors and auto blower resistors connector at affordable prices from parts avatar online auto parts store.

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