Are you planning to rent a car for vacations ?? Be Careful as Partsavatar outlines nasty hidden car rental fees that you should be aware of!!

Pay Attention!! Here are most common hidden car rental fees that can leave you penniless ~ Partsavatar auto parts

Are you planning to go on vacation this summer? If are planning to rent a car there, then beware! Your happy holidays could become sad as some car rental companies take advantage of people’s lack of proper information and will present to you a large bill that you didn’t expect.

Rental companies never disclose the extra fees and other clauses that are almost hidden. We opt for a car rental thinking it would cost $10 per day but with extra hidden car rental fees it could become $100.

Be cautious and discuss every condition before opting otherwise car rental companies will charge you with extra bills. Take a look at some most common car rental hidden fees outlined by Parts avatar Canada.

Peak Season Surcharges
Time is everything in business. Car Rental Companies use the concept of peak time for their business very cleverly. July and August are the two months of a year that everyone considers best for the vacations. They are the Peak seasons, and car rental companies take advantage of this to increase their daily rent by $10-$15. Either you buy a small car or a beastly SUV charges would be different than usual.

There is also a concept of “Peak Hours” famous among Car rental companies. It might be cheaper for you to rent a car at 2 P.M. than 8 A.M.


One of the most common rental charges is insurance which is often called Collision Damage or Loss Damage Waiver in car rental language. For an extra $10- $30 a day, you can avoid any liability for any damage to the vehicle provided you are found guilty of negligence. You can expect the Car Rental companies to charge you for minor or major damage done to auto parts. It can be a minor water spot on the car mirror or need of replacement of any car part.

 Regular car insurance often covers car rental fees at least for domestic rental so you can check for that. Some credit cards also provide insurance if you pay rent using the card. Keep in mind that an accident in a rental car may affect the existing car insurance policy rates.

Luckily in some provinces of Canada and U.S. Car rental insurance is optional. But still, if needed avoid purchasing insurance from car Rental Company. So it is best to check your existing car policy to check if there is any clause related to rental insurance.

Gasoline Charges
You will have to pay extra charges if you return the car with less or empty fuel tank. But most of the rental companies offer the option of purchasing a full tank of gas when you first take the car enabling you to return the car with as much or as little fuel to wish.
But, there is no refund for the unused fuel.

Drop Off Charges
Drop off charges typically apply if you return a rental car at a location that is different from where you first rented the car. This is sometimes quite annoying. Usually, car rental companies charge with extra fees of 15% to 20 % along with the extra charges based on pick up and drop off spot distance.

This fee varies with location and distance. Rental companies justify applying drop off charges by stating the degree of inconvenience they have to suffer while getting their car from the other location where it was returned.

Note that not every car rental company imposes this extra hidden charge. You should check each and every condition for car rental thoroughly before renting one. In some instances, even if no extra charge is specified, the base rate will be higher than it would be for a rental that pickups and drops off in the same location. Recently a petition had been launched in protest of Glasgow airport’s new £2 drop off fee as citizens are annoyed that they will have to pay this amount for a stay of just 10 minutes which is totally absurd!

Early Return Fees
Now this is seriously annoying. You might imagine that returning the rented car one or two days earlier would decrease the amount of rent. You are wrong. You will have to pay extra charges $10 or $15 stating that you no longer qualify for weekly rental rate. Companies often justify themselves by stating that the other party broke the rental contract made so they are charging extra money as fine money. This is no less than scamming. But, there are some rental companies that still provide you some reasonable refund amount but not everyone.

Additional Driver Charges
Adding more than one driver to your rental agreement often carries a surcharge. Even if you are your partner are planning to both drive the rental car, its best not to disclose this fact to your rental company. Some car rental companies impose extra money if we add more than one driver in car rental agreement. You may have to pay 50% extra fees which is just ridiculous.

But some Car rental companies like Budget, Enterprise allow a renter’s spouse or domestic partner to drive the car but in certain locations without extra charges. If both partners are planning to hold the steering, then better consider these companies as an option.

Bottom line is, rules should be checked beforehand. If they impose extra charges, then you can be deceptive!

Taxes Airport Surcharges
Sales tax and Airport charges vary from country to country and state to state. In some regions you may have to pay extra 25 percent fees as value added tax (VAT) imposed by local government bodies to fund their development projects. If you are planning to rent a car at an airport, then be careful as you will have to pay extra 7 to 5 % fees along with the end rental bill.

Car rental companies impose this extra charge to cover the money for the rental space they pay to the airport. If you don’t want to pay extra fees, better avoid renting a car at airport.

Age Penalties
Bad news! Car rental companies are planning to target underage and overage people by imposing extra surcharges for both. If you are under age of 25 or over 65, you will be considered as a risk to rent a car and will be subjected to extra charges. There have been cases on the roads when car gets damaged due to driving negligence and auto parts need replacement. But this discrimination is not fair.

Age restrictions vary by country so check beforehand. Car rental companies while renting do not disclose this condition of ageism, they just ask for your age proof. But they will add extra charges afterwards in the final bill. Be prepared that there is going to be an age restriction.

Frequent Flier Fees
Most car rental companies often charge a small fee if you request frequent flier miles for your rental. Car rental companies basically hate giving frequent flier points. Not only this, they will charge you extra for giving extra frequent flier points for rented car. Use these frequent flier points wisely without paying extra bills.

There may be extra charges for the things you didn’t even think about like child seat, winter tires, Car's GPS navigation system, roof racks and other extra car accessory you choose. You will have to pay $25 extra or more for every service depending upon the car you rent. It is better to choose the basic model in first place.

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