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Nunavut’s day is a Provincial holiday in Canada’s Nunavut territory and is celebrated on July 9. PartsAvatar brings to you some interesting facts about Nunavut’s day-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts!

Happy Nunavut’s Day! Nunavut day is a holiday that celebrates the signing of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement and the birth of a new Canadian territory. This act came into being on July 9, 1993. Hence, Nunavut officially split from the Northwest Territories and became a Canadian territory on April 1, 1999.

In this article, PartsAvatar will take you to the youngest Territory of Canada and will discuss their facts and culture. Don’t miss.

On july1, 1867, three colonies of British North America united to form the Dominion of Canada. It marked the birth of Canada. These three colonies were then divided into four provinces as Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In 1880, Britain surrendered the Arctic islands to Canada and with further divisions Canada soon comprised of 10 provinces and 2 territories.

In 1976, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami were involved in a land claim negotiations with the Canadian government during which the division of Northwest Territories was discussed. As a result of negotiation and public voting on April 1, 1999 Nunavut officially became Canada’s youngest province and its anniversary in 2000 year became Nunavut day.

Some Facts and how people celebrate this day?

Though Nunavut day is not considered as National holiday in Canada but it is a statutory holiday all over Nunavut. Let us read some facts about this day.

Fact 1: Canada’s largest Territory   
Nunavut which means “Our land” in Inuktitut is the largest Canadian territory and makes up to one fifth of Canada’s total landmass. In 2014, about 81 % of Nunavut residents identified themselves as Inuits.

Fact 2: Unique judiciary system
Nunavut’s court system is quite unique as it has a single level trial court where all judges have the ability to head any type of case.

Fact 3: Third Canadian Territory
On April 1, 1999 Nunavut Split from Northwest Territory to become third Canadian territory. Nunavut’s day was first celebrated on April 1, 2000. April month was chosen because on April 1, Nunavut was carved on Canadian map. The date was then shifted to July 9 to commemorate the day that the historic acts which led to Nunavut’s creation were passed.

Fact 4: the Inuit heritage
The majority of population in Nunavut is of Inuit. They celebrate this day by honoring their traditional customs.

Fact 5: Traditional events on Nunavut day
Many events are arranged on Nunavut day which include Traditional dances and games. There are communal meals which includes pancakes breakfast and barbecue.

Fact 6: Political speeches on Nunavut day
Nunavut day’s celebration also includes the presentation of policies and initiatives to stimulate Nunavut’s cultural and economic stability. Leaders give speeches and announce policies and initiatives to stimulate financial stability in the province.

Fact 7: History is kept alive through competitions
Many competitions are organized on this day to increase the awareness of Nunavut’s history among the young people.

Fact 8: Different shades of celebrations
Different communities celebrate this day in their own style for instance some communities build igloos, the traditional Inuit shelters. These are shelters are made of ice.

Fact 9: Special Musk Ox beef burger
Some communities serve burgers which are unique. What makes them unique is the beef which comes from the Musk ox, the traditional protein sustenance of Inuit.

Fact 10: Academic and cultural grants awarded
Several Academic and cultural grants are awarded on Nunavut day. These grants are awarded to Nunavut residents to enable them to pursue academic studies or to increase their level of traditional skills.

About 3000 Inuits live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. They also celebrate this day in their unique manner. The Inuit community living in Ottawa celebrates by lighting the traditional Qulliq Stone lamp that is filled with seal oil. They also perform drum dancing and throat singing.

Fact 11: Nunavut home of rare species.
Nunavut is least populated territory and home to many species like Polar bears, Arctic fox, Whales, Seals and Musk Ox. Nunavut’s resources are diamonds, hunting, fishing, trapping, sealing and arts and crafts.

Fact 12: Own National symbols
Nunavut has its own official flower, bird and animal. The official bird is Rock Ptarmigan, official animal is Inuit Dog and official flower is Purple Saxifrage.

Fact 13: Tim Horton came last!
It is said that Nunavut was the last territory in Canada to have a Tim Horton, opened in December 2010.

Where to visit in Nunavut?
The important symbol of Nunavut’s Territory is a blue and white image of a polar bear on an iceberg with a single star in the sky. The star represents the North Star and the leadership of elders in the community.

There is quite to see and explore in Nunavut. Try their traditional Inuit food such as barbecued musk ox burgers at a local restaurant in your city or at the time of a festival.
Summers are the best to visit Nunavut. Temperatures are above freezing and summer solstice lends nearly 24 hours of daylight for tourist activities.

During their festive seasons, Nunavut communities don’t forget to celebrate them even though they live in other provinces of Canada. They organize traditional games and dances for those who are interested in their culture.

The Inukshuk is a famous landmark of Nunavut, constructed from five stones representing sacred places in the landscape.

North America’s North West passage marathon is held at Somerset Island in Nunavut. The Inuit community has many legends and tales in which moon and the stars take the central roles. They appreciate the sky, stars, moon and even northern lights on Nunavut’s day in their legendary tales.

PartsAvatar Car Parts Canada salutes the spirit of Inuits in keeping their century’s old traditions. Happy Nunavut Day to all the Inuits!

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