Here are some tips with which you will be able to park your car efficiently.!!

How to Park a Car Tips
Here are some tips which you can refer to while parking your car. These tips would surely make your task much easier than ever before. Have a look at them.
  1. SPEED
Always try to keep your car at a slow speed. Just imagine that you are walking slowly. This should be your ideal speed while parking your car. If you will keep the speed of your car slow, then you will be more accurate with your reference points and would be able to look around more often.

While parking the car, the need of reversing arises. It becomes very difficult to see while reversing.  Keep on looking around 360 degrees. This is because you never know when small kids come out of nowhere.

If you see any vehicle approaching near to you, then don’t take any risk. Just stop for a while and let it pass. By doing this you will get an idea on what they are planning to do. If you feel that they are going to wait and would allow you to continue, then you should proceed without any hesitation. And if it appears that they want to get round, then the best thing is to let them get out the way before continuing.

This task of parking can be very stressful if you are not very confident in your ability and the major problem arises when the other vehicles are waiting. Just try to find calm and a quiet place where there are not much vehicles so that you can practice well. This would boost up your confidence.

Most of the people are not aware of this fact that it is legal to remove your car seat belt while reversing the car. Wearing a seat belt while reversing the car can be really very irritating as it would restrict you from looking around efficiently.

You must get additional mirrors fitted to your side mirrors as they are not much expensive. It would enhance your safety and would help you to see the areas that your standard side mirrors cannot see. Now you won’t struggle with parking, be it a parallel parking or bay parking. These mirrors would help you to understand the distance of obstacles such as curbs and bay lines.

While you are reversing the car, it can be a little difficult to know when to stop reversing. You will be able to see the cars headlights in the rear view mirror. So now when you are able to see them while reversing, you will not hit the car behind. As the cars headlights just disappear from your rear view mirror, you will still have a good metre or so distance from them. This is just a basic and rough estimate and yes it does not go for large or the taller vehicles that you are reversing towards.
The process of parking is really very painful. Even if you have just parked a car once, then you can totally feel the pain as well as irritation involved. There are three specific aspects which you should know to understand the importance of car parking.
Why is Car Parking Important to the Single Driver?
The most valuable asset which every individual has in his or her life is time and car parking literally steals it. Few researches have been made, which tell the estimated time a person takes to park his or her car. It totally depends upon the place where you are. The people of France spend around 10 to 12 minutes searching for a parking space. The average time people spend in UK is 7 minutes. The wasted time in London is 20 minutes. On an average if we take around 10 minutes by putting this in perspective, then if a driver parks his or her car around 5 times in a month then it means he is wasting 600 minutes in a year. It means that around 10 hours are wasted every year looking for a car parking space.
Why Car Parking is is important to the Communities?
Around 30% of the traffic in the cities is due to cars looking for perfect parking spaces. More the traffic more will be the pollution in the atmosphere. If you will just circle around while searching for the parking spot, then your car would release more amount of CO2. The environment would have been much cleaner if you got your spot instantly without wasting any time.
Why Car Parking is important to Parking Owners?
Parking a car is highly inefficient and the people who own the parking spaces have a negative impact of it. Just imagine that you are the owner of a parking space. How long are you using it during the day? Or the year? What would you do with it when you are not using it? When you go to work then your car parking spaces is fully available and then just think about the people who are spending around 20 minutes every time they want to park their car. Feel lucky if you own a car parking.
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