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How to find the Best Creeper for you?
Most of the people buy things without thinking twice and then later they end up driving themselves nuts because of their wrong decision. If you are thinking of purchasing a mechanics creeper, then you are at the correct place as now you will be saved from getting frustrated.
The most important thing which your mechanic creeper should do is to allow you to get under your vehicle comfortably. While reading, it would appear as a simple task, but in the real world it would break down quickly. Here are some things which you should keep in mind:
Does it actually roll?
Now you must be thinking that it is a wrong question as it is designed around a set of wheels, but in reality a wrong creeper would not perform well. Generally there are three types of wheels with which creepers are made up of. The creepers of the old times were made up of steel. The steel disks are bolted onto the frame of the creeper with a small axle. No doubt that they are very durable, but they get struck in very small crack or if there is any pebble in the way. Now the recent creepers are made up of small urethane wheels with ball bearings. These are as durable as steel and are a lot more functional. But there are a little issues when it comes in contact with rough surfaces and large pebbles. The one which is on the top is the 4-5” large wheels.  The best part is that they easily roll over any obstructions that your garage is likely to have.
Will it break?
The creepers which are of low quality use pressed cardboard backing. You can check its reality by leaving it out in the rain and it would toast. A little bit of quality is improved when it gets into plywood backings. No doubt it is much more solid than cardboard, but it is easy to break with an accidental knee to an unsupported area. Hard plastic or plywood would hold up for a longer period of time.
Is it going to get Janky?
Yes sure! Janky is subjective. This thing is for sure that a creeper is going to take some wear as it rolls around on the ground. Most of the people adore the look of the antique wood creepers but of course there is some reason why they are not being used today. The reason behind this is that the wood absorbs oils, stains and even faces the occasional burn.
Is it going to eat my shirt?
You must be thinking that what kind of funny question it is. There are some creepers that would literally eat up your shirts. Your shirt would touch the wheel when you will lay down on the creeper. Slowly and gradually as you will slide under the vehicle, then the wheel would wrap your shirt around, binding it tightly. You will have cut shirts out of the creeper wheel. The result would be that you will have to walk around all day with a hole in your shirt. The creepers which have enclosed wheel would protect you from this pain.
A lot of creepers have bells and whistles. They have features like adjustable headrests, wheel locks and tool holders.
Comfort plays an important role when you are selecting a creeper. Yes people generally don’t want to get cozy with their creepers, but this does not mean that they want to be in pain either. That’s why the old wooden creepers are not given much preference. Today we have a lot many options depending upon the level of comfort we want. When we are talking about comfort, then you can go with hard plastic shell with no padding at all. On the other hand, you can choose a foam padded creeper that is covered with a vinyl sheet. Hard plastics are generally more durable, while creepers which are covered with form would get damaged more easily.

Creepers are really very versatile and help you to slide in and out under the car. They make it possible for you to slide right back under the frame. A perfect creeper should be sturdy and wide enough, so that it can accommodate a person’s body weight easily. They are available in variety of shapes, styles and colours. There are some creepers which have adjustable, padded or unpadded backs. You will be able to maintain your auto parts easily while using a creeper.
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