Take a look at 2018’s queue of Amazing Electric Cars and Replace online car parts at PartsAvatar Canada!

Good News! 2018 will mark the era of electric cars!! Want to check out some?? Then read on ahead. - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Engine Parts Online.

With the growing debate to end the era of internal combustion engine and their harmful effects on the environment, the Auto Makers have now taken a bold step by introducing electric cars with great pros. For Replacement of car parts online, do visit Parts Avatar’s online portal.

Many countries like china, Norway has seen some growth in the electric car’s sales in past few years. Even though this change or growth is slow but someday, we will definitely reach that point when diesel or petrol operated cars would be rare on the roads.

Canada’s Cabinet has also taken an innovative step in which every cabinet minister is advised to drive electric vehicles, or it might be a strict rule for them to follow! Whatever it is, still if we look into the health of our planet, that’s pretty good step!

Now, lets take a look at line of electric cars that are welcoming this marvellous year with pretty innovative features! So, Green Auto lovers, Don’t Miss it out!

Tesla Model 3
Tesla has been a target of auto lovers recently due to security and safety concerns. But don’t you worry anymore! This is because, Tesla has promised to introduced electric vehicle that has scored highest ratings in security and safety.

You get 8 airbags, electronic stability and traction control system as well as collision avoidance and emergency braking installed within the base model as their safety feature. For infotainment it has 15” screen and supports keyless entry and remote climate control with app. Base model is expected to cost $35000 with range of 220 miles.

Nissan Leaf
This new version of world’s best selling electric car is going to be powered by 147 bhp- 40 bhp motor which can achieve an average of 0-62mph in mere 8 seconds.

You will be amazed to know that Nissan has introduced e-pedal which enables you to accelerate and brake with one pedal only. The infotainment system has also been upgraded as the NissanConnect EV App now lets you know about your driving range from phone itself and you can also control your car’s temperature before driving off to your destination.

The only thing that customers complained about the older version was its looks and style. Nissan has cleared that part also by introducing sharp lines and a dynamic front that will be ultimate attention seekers.

Audi E-Tron
Why would Audi get behind in this race? The E-Tron is basically powered by three electric motors and is based out of which two motors drive the rear wheel while third drives the front. It will be powered by 95 KWH batteries and will have the seating capacity of 4.

It is expected to hit the car market with the range of 311 miles. Its top speed is limited to just 130.5 mph although acceleration is great with 62 mph in 4.6sec.

The adaptive air suspension features controlled damping, lowers the body at higher speeds to reduce drag. It is more spontaneous and stable as compared to other versions.

Kia Nero EV
Kia motors have officially announced its electric vehicle to be introduced in 2018 names Nero. Kia Nero will be using same Hyundai IONIQ battery along with a 28 KWH lithium ion battery.
Kia Nero had already been user’s favourite with its excellent fuel economy, spacious seating and upscale cabin.

So as it collaborated with its sister car maker Hyundai, so can definitely expect it to be something different.

Chevrolet Bolt
Chevy has no stopping. This year too, it is coming with many upgrades and users will be elated to know that it is going to be more affordable than before.

With 240 miles range and having 5 seating capacity, you will have to pay $43195 approximately to get this sedan or hatchback.

Honda Clarity PHEV
This five passenger capacity sedan might not be that eye catching but its plug in hybrid power train produces 181 horsepower with 232 torque which will fulfil your desire to drive longer.

Every clarity Plug in Hybrid comes equipped with Honda Sensing, an intelligent suite of safety and driver assistive technologies designed to assist and help protect you and your co passengers.

Its basic safety features include collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control with low speed follow and lane keeping assist system.

The estimated electric battery driving range is 75 km. The energy is sent to the 17 KWH battery pack by the turbocharged engine, so you don’t have to worry about power loss.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Get ready to experience the adventurous Mitsubishi Outlander Phev which is starting at $34595. It comes with DC quick charging of level 1 and level 2. You can charge upto 80 % in half an hour from any charging station publically available.

To give maximum traction and control, it comes with innovative all wheel control system called S-AWC which will definitely boost your inner adventurer.

It has got 1500 Lbs. Towing capacity and plenty of cargo space. Isn’t it great? Moreover, safety features come by default such as forward control mitigation, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot warning system.

Subaru Cross Trek PHEV
With updated interior and exterior, Subaru Cross trek is going to hit the auto market this year unlike its previous generation cross treks.
To increase the visibility, blacker plastic cladding has been added to the front bumper and wheel wells.

The Subaru’s electrified power train will power all 4 wheels via 6 speed transmission or continuously variable automatic transmission. It is collaborating with Toyota by borrowing its hybrid technology. So, this version is definitely going to be powerful.

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