What is that car sound telling you ?? Check it out at PartsAvatar Truck Parts Canada.

Are you listening to the strange noises coming from your car? Check in here what they exactly mean and maintain your car by buying car parts at PartsAvatar auto body parts.

We visually inspect our car for any trouble. We can feel any abnormal activity or vibrations produced by our car. What about car noises? Can you decode them?
If you don’t know or never bothered to know about these sounds of your car, then spare sometime today on this article. This is necessary because you never know, when your car is warning you through these sounds!!

It’s very important to maintain auto body parts and when you need them for your car, don’t waste your time by going to a shop in person. Why? Because now a days, online auto parts stores are quite reliable. But for maintenance of auto parts, it’s very important to decipher the problems that your car is telling you through weird sounds.

Low pitched hum
Do you hear low humming sound on curves? The noise appears to become louder when taking turn but on other turn the sound disappears? Check car wheel bearings because you might need to replace them.

Sometimes, humming noise could be associated with worn tires. To determine the exact problem, while driving at constant speed, try moving the wheels back and forth. If the noise disappears on changing lanes or comes back when moving straight, then it is definite that your car demands wheel bearing up gradation.

Don’t confuse it with hissing of snake! Before the virtual snake freaks out, let’s discuss hissing sound of car in detail. Leaks also produce hissing sound especially when found near the cooling system or your car.

Leaks are not good for any machinery so is for the vehicle. The gravely impact the fuel economy and often result in engine overheating problems. Visit any trusted mechanic and get the leaks fixed in order to gain your car’s old performance.

When you accelerate on highways, do you hear something like droning? The more you increase the speed, the louder it becomes. But what is the reason behind this?
It sounds like tires are the culprit here. Car tires when over inflated drone for sure. Even the tread pattern impacts the performance of your car.

If your car tire’s tread is wearing, then you are likely to hear droning sound. In order to save tires from premature wear and tear, firstly it is important to buy good quality tires and secondly proper maintenance is required in gain optimum performance out of them.

High pitched squeals are heard? By time serpentine belts grow old and need replacement. In order for your car’s water pump, alternator, power steering pump and even car air conditioning to perform at their best, the serpentine belts have a pivotal role in that.

Extensive heat can damage serpentine belts. When do you listen squealing sound generally? When the air condition of your car has been activated and by any chance if the serpentine belts need to be tightened then you will probably hear squealing sound.
Some mechanics or professionals also suggest that squealing sound may be produced when brake pads go bad. So make sure you inspect first before making presumptions.

While driving over the potholes, do you feel clunking noise? The disconnected suspension component or damaged one might trigger the clunking noise. Car suspension components like control arm bushings, ball joint or stabilizer link pins can create such noise if they are malfunctioning and need immediate replacement.

Not only they disturb you with this weird noise but they also hamper the drivability of your car.

So, for safe and sound ride, upgrade car suspension parts.

While reducing speed or moving at slow speeds, does it sound like clicking? The component called CV Joint might be malfunctioning.

CV joints are needed to transfer torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at constant speed while accommodating up and down motion of the suspension. So they basically provide torque to front wheels while taking turns. So when they go bad, you will definitely hear clicking sound.
In Rear drive vehicles, the universal joints’ malfunctioning could result in similar noise.

Isn’t it annoying to hear something rattling? Rattling often signals toward the car exhaust system components. The tailpipe or exhaust pipe could be corroded or not in place, or damaged muffler too could cause such noise. They are easy to replace and quite affordable.

But if are unlucky enough to come across catalytic converter replacement, then get ready to shed huge cash because catalytic converters are one of the most expensive components of your car.


Is your engine making knocking or clattering noise with increased RPM? Such issue needs a qualified mechanic for remedy because it might be related to either car engine or it could be rather the power train.

Is the whining noise coming from the front of the engine? The power steering pump is making the noise so make sure you get it checked by a professional mechanic.
Steering wheel often get locked to such extent that it strains the power steering pump and holding in such position for a long time could lead to ultimate damage. So, make sure you don’t hang on to it if same situation happens.

These are the most common wierd noises that your car might produce while driving indicating to take it to mechanic ASAP.

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