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Are you suffering from dust, pollens and exhaust fumes from your car? It’s time to buy K&N Air Filters and get rid of impure air for your comfort ability inside and better performance of car engine.

Are you bound to travel in degraded air quality of your car? You might not notice but your car is also suffering with you. Is your car’s mileage decreasing rapidly or are you noticing bad engine performance prominently?

You may need to replace car air filters and visit an online car parts store might be a convenient option for you. You can rely on K&N auto parts as they are one of the leading manufacturers of washable performance air filters, filtration systems and air intake systems in over 30 countries.

We need to replace air filters at least once a year for better engine performance. Lets get started!

Car Air Filters

Car air filters are one of the vital components of our cars. Why? We need fresh air to breathe, and we get diagnosed with numerous diseases because of any pollutant present in the air. So in other words, polluted air disturbs our working.

In the same way, impure air also impacts the working of car mechanism and highly affects the car engine performance because air is needed to burn fuel in the combustion chamber which is needed to be in pure form.

Air filter not only impacts engine but also cause harm to vehicle’s emission system. So, all in all you will be in huge loss because the labour and repair cost of engine and exhaust components will sky rocket as compared to simple air filter replacement.

The air filter screens the damaging particles, dust, dirt or debris entering in the car through filter in the form of air. Dust or any foreign particle like pollen, debris etc. is strictly prohibited because it will cause huge loss to engine compartment and other associated auto parts.

As the engine draws so much air for its functioning from outside, so it becomes necessary for the air to be in pure form. So the first line of defence that is fighting the impurities present in the air is the air filter. Every single molecule entering the engine, have to must go through the filter for special checking in our words.

Also, air is also required to flow freely in the engine compartment. Whose job is it? Well, the air filter is such a gem as it not only ensures pure air but also allows the incoming air to flow freely. Air is needed to flow freely because any hindrance could hamper engine performance and efficiency.

Air filters are cost effective, so you can easily replace them anytime. At least this cheap replacement can save you from trashing away thousands of your dollars on other damages.
Even replacing an air filter yourself is not a big deal. If you cant find its location, don’t worry. What are owner’s manual for? Check out them, and follow their detailed instructions. These are often located atop the engine inside the hood.

Now that you have read enough about importance of car air filters, let’s check out how would you know if something’s’ wrong with air filter.

When to Replace Air Filters?
Degrading Gas mileage is the very first indicator that something is wrong with your car’s air filter. Dirty filter lets the impure air or restricted amount of air molecules to enter the engine compartment. So, it also impacts the exact proportion of air and fuel to be mixed in the engine in order to burn the fuel. Thus, more fuel is burned and mileage decreases rapidly.

Significant reduction in acceleration and power are evident when the air filters clog up. So, the better way to make things better is to replace them immediately.

The engine misfiring can also be initiated by dirty air filter because dirty air causes overly rich air fuel mixture which can disturb the spark plugs and thus ultimately leading to engine misfiring. You need a new air filter when your car runs rich with these symptoms.
So, due to one dirty air filter, couple of expensive components are getting damaged.

Clogged air filter will not only damage spark plug but it will also initiate rough idling type condition. You could feel your vehicle slipping or vibrating at that moment.

You can visually analyse whether your car’s air filter is dirty or not. If it is dirty, it will be covered with debris and dirt. This dirt wont let your car to properly accelerate at times.

So, we have seen that one dirty or clogged air filter can impact the performance of various vital components or auto parts resulting in expensive repairs.
Gasoline needs air to burn properly. You can smell unburned fuel when the enough oxygen is not supplied to the fuel injection system. Similarly unburned fuel can start exiting the exhaust pipes in the form of black smoke which is also damaging situation.

You are wise enough to know what you’ve got to do now. If you need your car to replace air filter then just go for it. Visit any online auto parts store and order air filter as per your manufacturer’s recommendation or as stated in your car’s manual.

As it costs nothing to look and check yourself, so you can inspect the clogged air filter visually and can make necessary amendments. Its not a bad idea to check air filters every 10000 km.
If you know these symptoms, then waste no time in replacing the air filter.

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