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Don’t know how to choose right car windshield wiper blades? Check out this guide and rely on Anco Wiper Blades for best performance in extreme weathers.

It is really dangerous and uncomfortable to drive with worn or cracked wiper blades especially in rains or snowy weather. But what to choose is the first question. Well, you can visit online auto parts store where you will find hundreds and thousands of products been arranged for you.

Now all you need to know is your car’s model and design or your wiper blades’ make and model. Anco auto parts have been one of the leading auto parts manufacturers especially in the field of wiper blades and windshield. You can rely on Anco for sure.

Wiper Blades
To ensure a clear view in front of you especially in downpours or rainy season, you need wiper blades that won’t leave any smear or streak while cleaning the windshield. In other words a best quality and durable wiper blades’ job is to provide crystal clear view in front of you.

Wiper blades often get affected due to extreme heat or cold. The cracks might develop on blades or worn blades would leave streaks on the windshield. On the worst note, they could also damage your windshield.

Hardened or broken rubber causes streaks when the blade is being activated. Oil or debris might also accumulate on the blade surface which leaves its trace on the windshield. Look for scruffy edges or blemishes on the rubber.

Here in this guide we will discuss how to get better quality and durable wiper blades for your vehicle. If you are living in extreme weather, then you must replace your car’s wiper blades timely.

But before buying one, make sure you know your wiper blades’ make, model and year number. You can fill these information on any auto parts online store and definitely you will get the right product.
There are several blades available in the market.

Winter wiper blades
You will definitely want to have durable, sturdy wiper blades to tackle extreme winter or snow. Winter wiper blades have the ability to clear heavy residue or snow from the windshield.

These are made of more flexible and durable material in order to get the best in such extreme temperature. Of course you will have to invest more than normal blades.

Beam Wiper Blades
The beam blades’ structure is in such a way that the blades are of rubber and spring steel but they do not have any external frame that puts intermittent pressure to remove debris or dirt from windshield.

Beam wipers work best in winters and its lightweight design also don’t leave any trace of streaks on windshield. So, people living in winters can also consider beam blades if they want something convenient.

Conventional or standard wiper blades
Conventional wiper blades are made of rubber inside a metal frame. These wipers are most cost effective and usually used by everyone.
They are best to remove dirt, water from the windshield. They are not that aerodynamic as the other wiper blades are so they don’t apply much pressure to the windshield as a result.

Hybrid wiper blades are also available in the market which is actually fusion of beam blades and conventional blades.
The good thing is, almost every kind of wiper blade is available on Parts Avatar’s online portal. So, all you have to do is to browse it.

What to Buy

Windshield wipers come with different sizes, material etc. So, the vital thing that we often forget to match is the car’s connecter. Check the style of your car’s connectors because this is where you will be fitting the wiper blade.

You must consider something that is durable and withstands the harshness and wreath of extreme temperatures. Broken blades often leave scratches on the windshield. They get broken due to sunlight, debris or moisture or even excessive working can lead to premature wear and tear.

If you live in area where rain is prominent, you can consider silicon blades or rubber-silicon waterproof blades that shed water more efficiently without leaving traces of it or scratching the windshield.
Always buy wiper of right size. You can either measure the size of your old wiper blade or you can consider going through car’s manual for exact measurements. But make sure you buy the exact length wiper blade for your car’s windshield.

Maintaining Wiper Blades
To extend the life of wiper blades it is pivotal to clean them every day. This is because the dirt or dust not only damages the efficiency of wiper blades but it also damages the windshield.

Always avoid building up of ice on to the wiper blades especially in snow or freezing rain because it will not only damage wiper blades but will also damage the motor that operates wiper blades. These are the seasons where you need wiper blades the most and if the motor burns, you won’t be able to activate the wiper blades and your view would be obstructed.

Lastly, it is suggested to replace wiper blades every 6 months depending upon the condition of your wiper blades and the temperature you live in. The more you use them, the more they will get worn.

If you hear screeching sound, scratches on your windshield or broken or incomplete cleaning of windshield, then waste no time in replacing them with a new one.

Make sure to get something that exactly fits your car. If you cant figure out anything, read car’s manual and follow its choice.

So, make sure to have a clear view for your and other motorists’ safety on the road in especially in extreme weather conditions.

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