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Though it’s early but it’s good to be prepared with your car parts beforehand. Though winters are extremely chilly but summers too can kill our energy and those who travel a day due to work or other fields, they need cars in good condition especially their air-conditioning systems.

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The car air conditioning systems’ mechanism might not be that complex as it seems to be. The refrigerant, when inside, absorbs the heat and is compressed in compressor after which it enters the condensers where the condensation process takes place and the cold refrigerant then enters evaporator coils.

The blower then blows the cold air through the coil which is what you are getting on turning on car air conditioner.
Now let’s take a deep look at car air conditioning problems and maintenance.  We must be able to identify car problems than solving them in person. Let’s take a look.

Bad Car A/C?
How would you know that your car’s air conditioning system needs to be examined? Is your car’s a/c not blowing cold air anymore?

We often put the whole blame of a damage on the auto product related but sometimes we need to thoroughly check what is wrong exactly.
Automotive Cabin air filter that is clogged or dirty might be the one that is obstructing the cool air to flow through the vents. Check it out! If it looks smelly or dirty, replace it immediately.

There is no space for weak air flows in our cars, especially when we need it ASAP. Weak air flow not only causes discomfort but is also dangerous for car’s air conditioning system.

The sluggish performance could be due to corroded fan relay. Clean it and see if there is any improvement in air flow. Fan relay often need cleaning because they could get dirtied because of being exposed to outside particles.

There might be certain problems associated with weak air flow like loose blower hose and debris or dirt in evaporator core. All these problems need to be fixed if you don’t want the whole air conditioning system to get disturbed.

Is the A/C not as cool as it was last summer? The hoses might demand cleaning. Of course expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose may get dirtied or clogged up, so get it cleaned.

Failed condenser, evaporator or blower motor also doesn’t let the air conditioning system to perform that efficiently as they did before. So all in all, cooling problem of a/c could be associated with any component of cars’ cooling system. In such case, do keep a track of what you are getting out of those vents.

This is because, some cant even properly say that whether the cooling is ok or it has been decreased because in our fast moving life we don’t have that much time to feel or see each and everything. So, go to your mechanic and let him figure out and check the whole system.

Sometimes vents blow cool air initially but they start to blow warm air after a while. Why? Moisture can damage everything and can contaminate the air conditioner in such a way that it wont work at its best. The refrigerant is important to car’s air conditioning as oil is important to car engine.

If the passage through which refrigerant flows i.e. expansion valve is blocked, you will definitely be getting warm air. If the clutch is not working in sync with your car’s compressor then it wont be able to maintain proper pressure which will result in warm air.

Leaks are worst enemies of your car. Leaks would definitely destroy the a/c system when they let the moisture to get mixed with refrigerant.
Air conditioning system needs a little bit of your time when they are idle and not in use especially in season like winter. Germs often accumulate in the system in such seasons and of course this results in pungent smells. So, when its time to use your car a/c you can’t just drive off without checking whether everything is all right.

Activate car’s a/c and see if you smell something bad or pungent and change your destination towards the mechanic for further treatment.


Due to aging or extreme usage, the rubber seals or hoses break down thus creating leaks. These leaks make way for the Freon to escape out and the moisture to come in and mix with refrigerants to corrode whole system.

So make sure to replace hoses, seals and other vital components that make way for the leaks to be formed, timely. In this way, you can save your car’s air conditioning depot.

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