Follow These Golden rules for Safe Winter Car Driving and Replace Car Parts at PartsAvatar Online Car Parts !!

At absolute zero temperature, it’s very important to follow some rules of safe winter driving!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar auto parts Canada.

If you are residing in Canada, you know it well how horrible it is to drive in snow and ice. In order to avoid danger, it is important to learn certain winter driving rules so that everyone on the road could be safe.

It is very important to maintain the car and replace auto body parts which demand replacement ASAP. Here are certain maintenance tips which are written in the form of rules in order to do a safe winter driving. Have a look!

Check automotive Lightings and Mirrors
Vision is pivotal on the road especially in winter season. You can’t just drive carelessly with broken headlights, dim fog lights, cracked windshield, broken taillights or side mirrors. Even your licence plate need to be clean and clear, it’s not like you won’t be caught by traffic police, would you?

Replace automotive lightings especially because in many provinces of Canada, it can be a serious offense if you are caught driving with damaged headlight or other car lightings. It also ensures your safety and other motorists safety on the road, so make necessary replacements today!

Repair windshield wipers

Due to excessive use in different climate, our windshield wipers tend to wear out prematurely showing the signs like getting stuck in between, or the cracked blades that ultimately damage the windshield.

Sometimes, the windshield wipers are stuck or frozen to your windshield due to extreme climate that they wont move even when you activate them in traffic. So make sure to check their working before heading out. It would be better to replace wipers if they are cracked or too old because they might obstruct your view on the road.

Maintain car tires
Tires are often overlooked. Underinflated tires are disasters rolling on road in either climate. But why are underinflated tires scary? Well, tires that are underinflated tend to increase braking distance which ultimately affects steering and handling capabilities of a car.

Underinflated tires can blow out, tread may prematurely wear or there might be an accident due to loss of traction. So, it’s better to think about everyone’s safety and keep them properly inflated. They not only provide safety but also are expensive to replace!

Keeping extra fuel
If you just topped up your gas tank then don’t worry, you did a great job! Actually driving the car with extra fuel in not bad for the engine as extra gas keeps it warm and also optimizes it’s working.

When you park your car!
When you park your car, make sure you park your front wheels closest to the clear road. Why? This is because front wheels make it easier for the car to move ahead to the clear road.

If you are somehow stuck on ice, wedge the floor mats under the front halves of all four tires of your car. This is mainly done for the tires to gain back their traction. Even if you don’t have enough mats, it won’t be a problem because you need at least 2 mats to cover the front tires. At least they could move ahead and when they will, they’ll pull the whole vehicle out of the ice.

Make sure when parking in the snow because the blocked tailpipe could lead to formation of harmful chemicals inside.

Prepare Emergency Kit
Your winter emergency kit includes flashlight with extra batteries, gloves, blanket, candies, medicines, fully charged mobile or mobile charger, jump charger in case your battery runs out and a shovel.

In case you have no way out, you can use these to survive for a short term until a help is received. Its better to ask natives for help or at best call 911 without any second thought. But don’t forget to take the emergency kit because you never know when your car is going to betray due because of extreme weather.

Lubricate the car and engine parts
Cold weather conditions make it hard for the engine to work. Engine is under high pressure which could make the oil filters to work at their extreme point and could manifest as a blown out sealing ring or burst canister. So get the oil filter changed so that engine does not have to compromise with dirty oil for lubrication.

Engine oil should not be too thick because it will make it difficult to turn over in extreme cold. Never take off immediately after turning on the keys. Let the car engine to get warm after getting started so that oil flows freely and then drive off to your destination.

Save exhaust pipes from snow/ice
Many people are not aware how quickly the gas can fill up a vehicle due to a clogged tailpipe. Researchers say that you might slip into state of unconsciousness if the concentration of harmful gases like carbon monoxide is too much.

CO poisoning can kill a car in minutes. Get rid of blocked tailpipes or exhaust lines or visit mechanic for more remedies. Last but not the least; free the exhaust pipe from any snow by digging it out to further reduce carbon monoxide risk.

Driving on slippery roads
Read this segment carefully. If you feel reduced resistance to your steering wheel movements, its definitely due to slippery road.
Skidding often happens on slippery roads. Follow these first on such roads- drive gently, avoid slamming on brake pedal, avoid harsh acceleration and abrupt steering movements.

But if the wheel is going out of control you can use this method. Accelerate gently and try starting off in second gear to avoid spinning of wheels. Note that the spinning wheels have less traction than wheels on snow. Gently, lift off the accelerator to gain back the traction and momentum.

Dead Battery
Dead batteries could leave you stranded on the road. Make sure you replace your old or worn battery or adjust the battery cables that are loose. These are one of the prerequisites to be checked before driving off in winter.

You can also use jump chargers to charge your car battery if and only if you know how to use them or have done the practical before.

These important rules wont leave you stranded on the road. Have a safe ride on snowy roads with these golden rules. If you want to buy online auto parts for replacement, don’t look further than PartsAvatar Aftermarket Car Parts Canada.

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