The Rodent is ready to predict the spring!! PartsAvatar presents adorable Groundhog facts you need to know on Groundhog Day.

Every 2nd Feb, All eyes are on largest member of the Squirrel family- The Groundhog. Do you know why? Want to know the history and Fun Facts about this unusual North American festival?? Well, you just need to scroll down further! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Parts.

Groundhog Day is famous and celebrated in Canada and United States every 2nd Feb. Groundhog is growing more and more popular in Canada. Though it is not a public holiday in Canada, yet areas around parks and streets may be busy in towns where ground hog events are popular. Want to know why? Read further!

The Groundhog’s Forecast and Canadian Winters
Groundhog has its roots in Germany where people watched badgers to predict the winter weather and decide when to begin planting crops. This strange custom was introduced to Pennsylvania by German immigrants in 1800s. Since, badgers weren’t common in North America groundhog became the trusted animal for weather forecasting.

Canadian winters are much longer and harsher as compared to European one. While winter in Western Europe is finished by 2nd Feb., in Canada it is still snowy past that date.

Groundhog Day has become a fun way to anticipate the coming of spring. The town of Punxsutawney hosts a weeklong festival where the groundhog Phil is the center of attraction. The event attracts thousands of curious onlookers and is followed by entertainment activities like Parade, hockey tournaments, dance etc.

According to the tradition, if a groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six weeks more of winter. And if it doesn’t, then it’s a sign of early spring. It is observed that groundhogs aren’t best at predicting the arrival of spring.

Now that you have read enough history, let’s get back to the fun part, i.e. facts about celebrity Groundhog Phil and this day.

Groundhogs were eaten to celebrate Groundhog Day!
Thanks for the prediction, now you will be our prey! Yes it is true! It is said that on February 2, 1887, natives of Pennsylvania celebrated this day by eating groundhogs. But after the popularity of Punxsutawney Phil began to grow, they stopped doing so. Were they ancestors of Bear Grilles by any chance??

Punxsutawney Phil is old as hell!!

Punxsutawney Phil is 123 years old! It is said that Phil has been drinking a magic potion for his longevity. On an average, groundhogs survive for seven years. But our Phil is immortal and is always going to predict the weather. His guardians say that Phil has been drinking an elixir of life-a groundhog punch at annual picnic for his immortality.

Accurate? Not so much!
According to national climate data center, Phil has been wrong 15 times since 1988. Phil’s stardom must have had affected his abilities. Phil the weatherman tries to deny the coming blizzard because it’s inconvenient. So, work with what you have!

Phil is not the only star of the Groundhog Day!
Phil is not the only weather man nor can he claim the spotlight alone. He faces tough competition from other rodents like Buckeye Chuck of Ohio, General Beauregard Lee of Georgia, Staten Island Chuck and Wiarton Willie of Ottawa, Canada.

Groundhog Day could have been Badger day.
The Modern Groundhog Day is evolved from Europe’s Candelmas Day and German Catholics celebrated a similar tradition with sacred badgers. Groundhogs replaced badgers, because Badgers proved hard to come by Pennsylvania.

Phil resides with his wife in Town library!
Phil lives a quite life, when he is not on the job of prediction with his wife Phyllis in a heated area of children’s section of Punxsutawney Library! Phil’s wife cooled down his husband when he threatened the public to impose 60 weeks of additional winter if he wasn’t allowed a drink during prohibition. Phil’s wife is smart!

Phil’s care takers are called -the Inner circle!
If you think Phil is alone, then mind you, he has back up from “the groundhog club’s Inner circle” a.k.a. the guys in the top hats. The club is made of dignitaries who are responsible for carrying on the tradition. When Phil emerges from burrow, he tells his forecast to the men in top hat in “Groundhogese”, which they translate for the proclamation! Got to learn Groundhogese!

Time to get a Robot- Groundhog!
Groundhog’s safety is not guaranteed. In 1999, Canadiangroundhog Wiarton Willie died the Sunday prior to Groundhog Day. PETA, in the wake of events, suggested replacing Phil with a robot groundhog. You can hope for more accurate prediction than before right!

Phil had been charged of fraudulent weather prediction!
Law is equal for every being on this earth. In 2013, an Ohio lawyer Sued Phil for fraud. The Ohiolawyer wrote in his letter that Phil intentionally caused the people to believe that spring would come early and Misinterpretation of weather caused chaos among citizens. The punishment of this offence was death penalty.

Phil had a formidable team of character witnesses behind him, as starring in Groundhog Day helped Phil forge “lifelong and loyal friendships with the lesser supporting cast including Bill Murray, Andy MacDowell and Chris Elliot,” the firm wrote. Phew, it was a close call for Phil.

Things to do on this day!

We can learn to be kind to others from this day. If your life becomes a redundant cycle of work and sleep, there’s still time to try new things.  Take up ice sculpting or learn to play piano; you never know when it will come in handy.

Read about the history of Groundhog Day.  Romans celebrated a similar event which also held that if a hedgehog emerging from its hibernation in the moonlight could see its shadow, there would be six more weeks of winter.

You can watch the telecast on TV or on your own. Watch to see whether the groundhog or not emerges from its burrow. Be prepared for a longer winter if he sees a shadow!
Don’t forget to watch the Groundhog movie.

If you are holding a party, it can be great idea to bake groundhog shaped cookies. You can also make groundhog cupcakes and can even engage kids in this fun.
So, find your own groundhog to ogle this Feb.
Merry Groundhog Day!

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