Want an honest car mechanic? Here are some tips for finding a great Mechanic

Want an honest car mechanic? Here are some tips for finding a great Mechanic
Car mechanics can either be a blessing or a curse. If you find a perfect one, then you would hold them for the entire life. Most of the people are not aware about the working of their car and that’s why it is really very important for them to find the right person to keep their car running. Don’t worry! There are plenty of honest mechanics which would take care of your vehicle. They would save you from unnecessary headaches and at the same time a lot of your money would be saved.
The question which would be revolving in your mind is that how can you find the best car mechanic for your car? So if your car parts are important for you, then here are some tips for finding a great mechanic and the one whom you can blindly trust.
  1. Ask for this mechanic’s certifications
ASE stands for national institute of Automotive Service Excellence. If a mechanic has this certificate, then it means that he is fairly reliable. ASE certified mechanics have at least two years work experience and knowledge about all types of auto parts. This is not the only certificate that matters. Some mechanics are certified by the manufactures of those cars that they will work on specific types of cars. If any mechanic has a manufacturer certificate, then it means that he has all the tests with flying colours and is proficient in making repairs to cars.

  1. Check the company’s reputation
You can always look up at internet to check a company’s reputation. It would provide you with the reviews on every auto service and would thus provide you with an honest opinion.

  1. Search for a mechanic that is willing to show you the problem
Always go to a shop where the mechanic respects you and clears out all your doubts. You should always ask for the proof from your mechanic before he starts repairing your car. You are aware that the car repairs are expensive and that’s why you must ask them to show you what is wrong. It you save you a lot of dollars.
A trustworthy mechanic would always show you the proof and explain you the problem. The other thing which you can notice is that if the mechanic is working properly while you are keeping an eye on him, then it means that you can fully trust him.

  1. Ask your family and friends
Make it a point to seek recommendations from other people who have similar vehicles. You can always ask your family and friends to give you suggestions as they will always give you an honest suggestion which would be beneficial for you. Even your co workers can be a good resource.

  1. Give a tryout
There is no need to rush the things. If your car needs big repairs, then try out some local shops with some smaller repairs or maintenance work. There is no need to trust someone directly for big repairs, always start with the smaller one. And then if you feel that the mechanic is genuine, then you can always go with him.

  1. Chose a convenient shop
Always chose the shop which is convenient for you. If the shop is far away and its working hours conflict with your schedule, then you should find some other shop. Keep this thing in mind that it must have transportation options after you drop off the car. If you want to buy replacement parts for your car, then you can also find then online at auto parts way.

  1. Check online reviews
Look the reviews which people have given and go with the majority. Avoid giving much weight to a single review. Online reviews would be really very helpful.

  1. Look for a Specialty Shop
It is great if you find a dealer that specializes in your make of vehicle. You will save a lot of money if you take your car to a local, independent shop. It is alright to find a mechanic which works on all makes and models, but also has some downsides which should be considered. First problem is that the mechanic is not specialized in a particular make, which means that he will probably refer to some manuals and guides to know how the car functions.
They would take a lot of time to repair your car. The reason behind this is that they won’t be having all its parts and they would thus order them, making the car repair time longer. But if you will take your car to a specialty shop, then all these issues would be easily resolved.

  1. Talk to the mechanic and develop relationships
Whenever you go in a repair shop, there is always a receptionist who would help you to check in and would confirm the repairs which you need. The receptionist would act as a middle party between you and the mechanics. If you need to know something about your car, then it would be communicated to you by the middle party. This would ensure a clear communication, but for some it can also be a barrier as the owner may want to know what kind of work he is getting.

If it is possible then go and speak to the mechanic yourself. Go inside the garage and talk with them about your car and tell them what auto parts need to be replaced. Have a nice conversation and allow them to teach you about the inner workings of your vehicle.
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