Ever Thought what it’s like to live in your car? Your car would accompany you where ever you would go !!

What it’s like to live in your car
Living in a car is something that actually no one would recommend you. But there are times when your emergency funds run out and the house where you used to live earlier is foreclosed. You don’t have anybody to help you and then living in your own car would be the only option left. You won’t feel safe sitting under a local shelter. There are many places where sleeping inside the car is not allowed and is totally illegal. The information provided here would be really very helpful on how to get by until something better comes along. It is really very important that you select the right car parts, search for the correct parking spots and appropriate cost cutting spots so that you maintain your hygiene.
  1. Find a suitable car
You will only be able to live in a car if it works properly. If you have enough time, then you can also get a van. In that you will have enough space for storage and at the same time you can install a rooftop. You can always buy a new car if you are planning to live in it or can even visit a mechanic, who would help you make your old car a newish one. If you are going to live in your old car, then make sure that it is well maintained.

  1. Use a permanent address
  • You can always rent a post office or can even go for a Private Mailbox. The PMB’s tend to be a little more expensive and they would allow you to receive packages. There are some services which would let you use an address format, with the help of which it would appear to be an apartment. This idea is really very useful if you want a physical address.

  • The other option is that you can sign up for a gym membership. If you find that the gym is too expensive, then you can always enrol at a local community college. Then you can easily use their gym facilities. There are some colleges where you don’t even have to enroll. Just go to a college where the gym is always open and they don’t check for ID cards.
  • You can always renew the paper that would need an address to process.

  • Collect all your valuables and place them in a safe deposit box at a bank.

The other option which you can use is that you can always ask your friends and family to help you out in this situation. At least ask them out if you can use their address.
  1. Keep your identity cards safely
So if you are living in your car, then it is really very important to keep all your personal identification, driver’s license and well as car insurance with you all the times. Police inspection can happen anywhere and at any time. So just be ready and stay calm enough.

  1. Don’t forget to buy a steering column lock
You might be thinking that why is it so essential? As you are living in it, then it means that if your car gets stolen, then ultimately your house is also stolen. You won’t be able to see it again and then trust me, you are in trouble! Don’t forget that you survive in it. So go now and buy a steering column lock as soon as possible.

Finding Safe places to park your Car
  1. Find a safe place to park
First thing which you should do is to check for the organizations or some businesses in your nearby area as they provide parking lots for the people in such situations. There are many places which allow people to camp overnight in their parking lots. It is legal as the organization can screen people who use the lot and even designate special lots to women. If you don’t find any such lots, then you always have an option of living in an urban area.

  • The car parks in the church are really very quiet during the weekdays and you just have to search for the church that is less used. This would be a really nice idea to park your car here and you can always ask for assistance at the church.
  • The other option is that you can go to industrial estates as they are generally noisy during the day time, but are really very quiet at night. The ones which are close to residential areas are best.

  1. Use earplugs
Since there is a lot of noise, then it would be very tough for you to sleep. Earplugs would help you to solve your problem as they would block a lot of background noise, so that you can sleep peacefully. The background music can be in any form, like traffic noises, chirping of the birds and other loud noises.

  1. Maintain your hygiene
Make sure that you find a place to shower. The first place which would come in your mind is a gym. Find the gym which suits you the best and where you can fully clean yourself without any sort of embarrassment.
There is nothing bad to live in your own car; in fact it is really a great idea as your home would accompany you where ever you would go. But all your car parts should be in a perfect condition. If you find that some of them are broken or need to be replaced, then all you have to do is visit our aftermarket store, which is https://partsavatar.ca/.

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