Trick or Treat! Enjoy Spookiest Activities and Ghoulish fun across Canada on Halloween!!

Are you looking for some spooky activities and creepy stuff in Canada? Well don’t worry, Canadian states promise to make this year’s Halloween Spooktacular and filled with fun. Take a look at freaking Ghoulish activities that you can enjoy- Powered by PartsAvatar Vehicle Parts.

Well, well its Halloween time folks! So you ready for some creepy fun and ghost hunting! Caution for those with weak heart! Halloween is always full of spooky fun but also has a lot of creepy stuff. You have been warned!!

You don’t need to move from your place to enjoy Halloween in other city or state. Parts avatar has gathered events and activities that you can enjoy on Halloween in Canadian states.

Note that the dates of events are subject to change.

There is lots of scary stuff to enjoy this Halloween in Ontario. The haunted Halloween weekend at Mews Lake is a complete package of spooky activities like wolf howl, owl prowl, Saturday night campground trick or treating, pumpkin carving and MUCH MORE.

Enjoy the ride on York Durham heritage railway and kids under 12 in costume are free!
Want to visit a village with ghostly events and spooky things like fog maze, house of terror then you got to take a spooky wagon ride at cannamore orchard. May be you are looking for a chance to interact with creepy creatures, or trick or treat in the village. Toronto won’t disappoint you as all these things can be found in Howling Hootenanny at black creek pioneer village.

Take a walk through woodlands that lead to creepy nature spots to learn the not so scary truth about bats, spiders, gnomes etc. At Halloween Howl- A night hike in Toronto.


Watch your back! Stay on guard! Monsters, Zombies are pirates are waiting for you in Québec. Do you love ghost stories? Follow your Ghost Tours of Quebec costumed guide by lantern light through the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec. Listen to haunted stories of 400 years of ghostly murder and execution.

Visit Montreal to wander around the gardens to see rainbow of squash and visit pepo the pumpkin at the great pumpkin ball!
Take a walk through haunted houses and kiosks at village fantome de cantley.
Do you love pirates, visit Aquarium Du Québec and greet them.

British Columbia
Get spooked in Victoria City this Halloween. The brilliant colors of fall hint at the plethora of vibrant Halloween inspired activities on offer in the British Columbia’s most haunted city. Check out the festival of fear at gale farms Corn maze, haunted house for kids, haunted zip with adrena line zip line adventure tours and much more.
Zombies are big deal in Vancouver especially around Halloween.  The Zombie syndrome a virtual stage interactive theatre adventure that happens outside really gives hard competition to the Famous Show the Walking Dead!

The most popular Vancouver Halloween attraction is undoubtedly fright nights at PNE. The play land amusement park becomes a thrill park with themed rides, creepy attractions and seven seriously haunted houses.

Want to grab a broom and feel witchy aura? Get ready for harry potter like witchy fun at the Flyover Canada.

Visit Boo town at Saskatchewan development museum where you can take part in solving various mysterious mysteries and listen to terrifying tales.
If you crave for pumpkin stuff, Halloween extravaganza at pumpkin hollow corn maze awaits you. You can take part in pie eating contests and parade led by headless horseman!

Halloween is just around the corner with pumpkin spicing everything, spooky stores popping up and crazy costumes. Enjoy family activities at the Meandher creek pumpkin patch which is not just about pumpkin.

Manitoba offers spooky fun for every age group. For kids ages 2-10 Halloween Fun zone shelmerdine features a hay maze, tire swings, bouncy castle, zip lines, face painting and much more fun stuff. Three ships are kitted out for Halloween: two for family fun with crafts and fun decorations and third for truly brave (over 15) at the Halloween Haunt at the Selkirk Marine Museum.

At Winnipeg the haunted forest at amaze in corn rustles with unseen beings. They are eager and ready to feast on the screams of visitors!

New Brunswick

Have some Halloween terror without tears for all ages at Boo at the Zoo and visit animals, bouncy houses and the tallest playgrounds in Atlantic Canada.

Did you visit Keilor House? Do you know it’s really haunted? Dare yourself to discover the truth if you are brave enough. Take a haunted hike through the grimiest and dimmest spot in Fredericton.

Knight of terror in Edmonton provide horrifying experience for all ages. Each Halloween hundreds of people make trek to the Haunted house for a truly delightful and frightening experience.

Join the haunted activities at Screemfest in Edmonton which is considered as Scariest Halloween event of Canada. There will be disturbing entertainment, Halloween themed carnival games, haunted houses and much more.
Mind you this is not for faint hearts! Aboard the train of terror and experience the ultimate fear!

Want to dance with zombies? Check out the ghoul’s night out where you can enjoy creepy carnival games, witches stuff and ghost rodeo.

Nova Scotia
Wander through the woods of Haunted Hollow which promises best terrifying thrills you have ever experienced.

Ghosts still roam this earthly realm at the bluenose ghosts’ festival. From cemetery tours to haunted houses, there is every level of scare.
Meet the zombies, skeletons, spiders and witches and visit the graveyard at Adamson haunted house.

Prince Edward Island
The culture’s summer side historic ghost walk re enact the ghost stories of the island which are spookier. Hot apple grog is served in the end.
If you are a weak heart and want to visit haunted mansion, then you better go on broad daylight.

The horror at the corner provides spooktacular evening to the visitors that combine the fright and thrills of the haunted attraction with fun theatre.

Newfound land
Join the contingent of terror at Bay Roberts where you can enjoy Halloween walk, pumpkin carving contest and spooky story time.

Ending Note
The brilliant colors of fall hint at the vibrant Halloween activities on offer. For spooky activities, don’t miss it.

PartsAvatar wishes you Happy Halloween! Boo!

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