Do you know even a small distraction can affect your ability to drive?? Make the road safer with tips presented by PartsAvatar Canada !!

When you aren’t focused on the road, things can happen fast. Rather paying penalties for using smart phone or even worst – getting your licence suspended for a year, isn’t it better to beware! - Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Body Parts.

Ok, we have a job! A jam packed schedule! Have to watch over toddler sitting back!! But that 1 minute of your distraction can create havoc on road! On the worst note, everyone’s life on road is at risk!

In our fast paced world, it’s become commonplace to see people texting, doing makeup while driving. Make sure to pay full attention on the road for everyone’s sake! But what exactly is distracted driving?

Distracted Driving
Since 2008, in every province and territory of Canada except Nunavut, there are strict laws for distracted driving. Anything can cause distraction to a driver. Any task that steals your attention away from the road is distraction.

Whether you are multitasking while driving, keeping an eye on your kid sitting at the back, texting your friend, eating or even picking up something that has fallen down- these scenarios steal your attention away from the road and can cause a fatal accident.

Following are the driving distractions:
1. Playing with GPS.
2. Cell phones, texting or answering calls
3. Eating
4. Kids
5. Driving under influence
6. Applying makeup

You should know following facts if you don’t keep your eyes on the road:
1. You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving and 4 times more likely if you talk.
2. You may have to pay heavy fine as penalty for using cell phone or any hand held device in Canadian provinces (mostly).
3. According to a study, nearly 80% of collisions and 65% of near collisions involved some form of driver inattention up to three seconds prior to the event.

Penalties for distracted driving

Each state has its own set of laws for distracted driving. But aside from simple collisions, distracted driving can result in horrific accident.

According to a study, drivers fail to process 50% of visual information in their driving environment when they are using electronic devices. Under motor vehicle act, part 3.1 – a driver found using a hand held device while driving may receive a $368 traffic violation ticket that also carries 4 penalty points. Fines may range from $100 to $280 depending on the number of offenses committed.

The violation ticket may vary from province to province. You may have to pay fine up to $1000 depending on your offense. Many provinces like British Columbia and Ontario ban the use of hand held device and electronic entertainment devices while driving.

Alberta expands its legislation beyond hand held electronic devices to include the other forms of driver distraction, including eating, reading and using car mirror personal grooming. In BC and Saskatchewan, drivers in the graduated licensing program are prohibited from using hand held and hands free devices.

In Ontario, if you have A,B,C,D,E,F or G license you will face bigger penalties like a fine of $490 if settled out of court or a fine of $1000 if you fight a ticket and lose it. Three demerit points are just icing on the cake.

You might receive six demerit points/fine of $2000/ Jail for 6 months/ licence suspension for 2 years if found guilty of carelessness caused by distraction (using hand free or hand held device).

Experts compare using cell phone to drinking and driving offense due to high level of distraction and the amount of time the driver’s eyes are off the road.
Using influencing substances like alcohol, drugs or even prescribed medicine is also a form of distracted driving. These substances make it difficult to focus on the road and large fines are imposed as it is a serious offense. In worst case, driver’s license can be suspended.

Tips to reduce distracted driving!
1. The very first tip is to turn off your mobile device. Using a hands free device doesn’t reduce the risk. Reduce the temptation by turning off the device so that you won’t be disturbed by constant ringing and beeps. Put it in the glove compartment or in a bag on back seat.

2. Record an outgoing message notifying callers that you are driving. There are various apps that send automatic reply to people calling or texting you.

3. flipping through radio stations or songs also distract. Pre set your favourite radio station or make a playlist of your favourite tunes. Music shouldn’t be too loud as it not only drowns out warning noises but is also a nuisance for fellow motorists.

4. You shouldn’t doze off while driving, it is hell dangerous. Make sure you have enough energy to focus on road. Try driving during daylight and make sure you are well rested. If you feel drowsy, hand over the control of your car to someone else. Avoid driving under influence of alcohol or drug.

5. Stop doing crazy things like applying makeup, reading newspaper, eating and even shaving while driving! Make sure you do these activities before you depart.

6. Pre-plan the route on your GPS so that it won’t distract your attention while you drive the car. If you use GPS, make sure it is placed in the area where it won’t force you to take your eyes off the road.

7. driving in tend to increase risks and results in road rage. It not only gives stress to driver but is also stressful for the fellow drivers. Give enough time to arrive at your destination.

8. Speeding down the highway or navigating through heavy traffic is not best time to learn where the car control like windshield wipers or defrost button is. Take your time when you are free, and understand the car controls freely.

9. Explain to kids that they should try to save requests for when the final destination is reached. Leave pets at home if possible.

10. In emergency call 911, but be sure to pull off the road to safe area.

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