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Looking for safest vehicle for your teen? Here are the cars that will protect young drivers on road and give you peace of mind!!-PartsAvatar Auto Replacement Parts!

You might be either excited or freaking out! The reason being the teenage human in your house is now a licensed driver!! How will she manage on the road? Will he remember to use turn signals?
What car would be best for her? These questions might be bugging you!
Don’t worry, you were also a newbie! Here is our selection of some of the safest models which can be well suited for your young driver!

Chevrolet Spark
Living large comes naturally for this cool car, with amazing technologies that keep your teen’s social game strong. Teens love mini cars because they can get a brand new car outfitted with the latest in car technology for the same price as a low tech used car.
Spark has Chevrolet My link, a diagonal colour touch screen that with a compatible smart phone, lets you send and receive texts, play music and more.

Talking about its safety, spark gives you confidence every time you buckle up thanks to 10 standard air bags, 4 wheels anti lock brakes and a high strength steel safety cage.

It is affordable, easy to drive, fuel efficient and full of style for beginners. You can also Upgrade Chevy’s auto parts of your car’s make and model under affordable prices at online store such as PartsAvatar!

Ford Fiesta

With a 1.6L Eco boost engine that delivers 197 HP, 17 inch aluminum wheels it is definitely a driver’s car. Now with apple car play and android auto capability you can enjoy all of the sync features.
Available as a four door sedan or five door hatchbacks, its tight rear seat and scant standard equipment shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Don’t look at its size, fiesta has earned top safety pick award for its strong performance. You will definitely love fiesta for its low priced and good fuel economy and its fierce style statement.
Ford Fiesta may be small, slow but it’s a capable and refined little car at a reasonable price and fully competitive with other Auto giants like Honda, Kia and Toyota.
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Kia Soul
The 2017 Kia soul has been in the market with its perky turbocharged engine that not only brings a significant boost in performance but an altogether more thoroughly executed feel.
Soul is a budget friendly with optimized riding experience, handling and refinement.

On the safety front, blind spot assist with rear cross traffic alert finally becomes available. In addition, turbo is fitted with 12 inch vented front discs to improve stopping power, fade and resistance.

Hyundai Veloster
The Hyundai veloster combines cool, sports car looks with a fairly pedestrian power train; a 1.6L engine that’s tuned for fuel economy rather than speed.

On safety front, it features anti lock braking for controlled steering and minimize emergency stopping distance with brake assist and a rear parking assist for easier parking.

It isn’t too much expensive than the average compact sedan. Its turbocharged version isn’t speedy and is best choice for teens for a freeway drive.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage is a smart and sensible choice, if you think on teaching young driver some financial responsibilities. This basic four door hatchback comes with a good warranty and a maximum fuel rating of 43 MPG highway.

The lightweight mirage is maneuverable, easy to throw around and its controls are effortless. It is inexpensive and gets the job done.
Though its styling is a bit pedestrian, the mirage is available in a palette of bright colors.

Nissan Versa
The versa is believed to be America’s cheapest car, so if you want a cheap new car, here it is. Its wimpy 109HP four cylinder makes for slow acceleration but is fuel efficient.

2017 versa see a mildly revised centre console that includes a new design for the front cup holders an additional 12 volt outlet and relocation of car’s standard auxiliary input and available USB port to the area ahead to the shift lever.

With Nissan’s excellent build quality, it will see a teen driver right through high school and college and well into those first earning years.

Toyota Yaris
Toyota yaris is a budget car that feels every bit of its low sticker price. A four speed automatic and five speed manual are available as mates for the Yaris’s 106HP, 1.5L inline four and an SE model is available for those seeking a sportier ride.

But for young ones, take time because driving Yaris needs experience. But there is no reason for them not to enjoy driving.
It’s got a fairly simple control layout, a good stereo and enough cargo space for the journey to college and is quite affordable.

Subaru Impreza

Standard all wheel drive makes the impreza a trusty all season companion but it does a little to excite enthusiast drivers. Both hatchback and sedan models get a 152HP 2.0L four cylinder with a 5 speed manual or a CVT.

But still it is a good choice for inexperienced drivers as the all wheel drive improves dry weather traction and it will be easier for them to handle the car in a sudden panic manuever.

Subaru’s eyesight active safety tech is optional and includes adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking.
Subaru’s growing legions of followers say safety is a big reason they buy the all wheel driven cars plus reliability and good resale value.

Toyota Prius
Perhaps you can encourage your teen to try on a hybrid rather than those traditional gas guzzlers. The 2017 prius combines the space and versatility of an SUV with the advanced technology and fuel efficiency of a hybrid.

With its combination of space and efficiency, the prius is quite compelling – 46 MPG is achievable even at 75MPH. It is fun to drive and the cabin is mostly quiet, but the tires clomp loudly over broken roads.

A responsive touch screen controls the infotainment system. The prius eco model rates at 58 mpg city and 53 mpg highway. So, it encourages hypermiling rather street racing thus encouraging your teen to choose economy over speed.

Enough choices already? It’s better to consider safety over luxury for budding drivers. After they gain some experience on road, they can go for much better ones! But for beginners, these are safest!

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