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How to Park a Car?
Is it possible to drive a car without knowing how to park it? Of course not! If you wish to know and understand how to park your car in various situations, then all you have to do is to reach that spot slowly, position the car correctly and know when to shift gears. It can be a really tough task for some people to park a car perfectly. Here are some tips and tricks with the help of which you can make your parking experience a little less difficult and stressful.
How to park a car by Parallel Parking
Let us first of all understand the parallel parking technique which is used in car parking. Parallel parking is also known as reverse parking as in this firstly you are required to reverse and then stop between two vehicles parked at the side of the road.
There is a little bit of struggle with the parallel parking, but it just takes some time to gear yourself up with 2 or 3 reference points and then your task is completed.
A smart trick which you can use here is that try this technique on a quiet road many a times as you feel, so that you get used to it. It is because you never know when the need to park the car parallel arises. So you should be prepared for such a situation.
How to Park a Car- Parallel Parking Diagram A
When you are driving and you are finding a suitable place to park, if there are many other cars already parked up, then you will have to consider a parallel park. If the road around you is busy, then you should be attentive enough to keep a check on your rear mirror.  The main reason behind this is that whenever you will find a perfect spot to park your car, then you will have to give a signal to the cars at your back that you are slowing down. They might think that you are taking a left turn, but it reality you would be stopping. So slow down gradually so that the car which behind you would get the time to react.
You can stop alongside the vehicle you wish to park behind. The ideal distance should be around 1 meter from door to door.
Parallel Parking Diagram B
When you feel safe, you can start to reverse until the cars are properly levelled at the rear. If you find that your car and the car which is placed towards your left are of same size, then you must line the side mirrors up. You can alter the reference points according to your car. Don’t forget to practice well on a quiet road beforehand.
Parallel Parking Diagram C
In this you will have to steer one complete turn towards left. You can also turn fully left, but it would lead your car too close to the rear of the car in front. The turning angle would be harsher. Make sure that you look to your right blind spot because there can be some pedestrians or cyclists. It is hazardous as the front of your car will swing out. Once you have completely turned the wheel to the left, then now you will need to establish another reference point. There are 2 reference points that would assist you. One can steer full lock right when the left front corner of the car lines up with the rear right corner of the car which is in front. You can notice a triangle between your car and the curb if you will look in your left mirror while reversing. While you are steering right, you should ensure that you have sufficient clearance from the car in front.
Parallel Parking Diagram D
When the car straightens up, you should turn the wheel to the left. When your car is perfectly straight, you should see in your left mirror that the curb is running down the road parallel to your car.
If you will follow these reference points, then you will be able to maintain a good parking distance from the curb. But if you ever feel that you are still too far in the road, then you can move forward slightly and reverse again steering to the left and right once again.
Keep this thing in mind that there should be a distance between your car and the one which is in front of you. If you are not there and someone else parks their vehicle close behind your car, then you will face trouble getting out.
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