Labour Day, also known as International Workers’ Day is a celebration of laborers and workers for their achievements. It is celebrated to honor their hard work.

International Labour Day: All you should know about it

May Day is also referred as International Worker’s Day and in some parts people call it as Labour Day. This day is celebrated to pay respect and tribute to the workers as they have contributed a lot in making our lives easier. This cause is extremely close to the hearts of a lot of socialists, communists as well as the labour movement, which is why May Day celebrates and honours workers.
The workers of the united state protested because of straining work hours, poor working conditions as well as wages and even child labour was practiced. This was a dreadful time and that’s why this day is really very important. May 1 was selected to be the International Worker’s Day and this day symbolises the struggles and their empowerment in the late 19th century by trade unionists, socialists and communists.
Earlier the workers had to work for 16 hours in unsafe and fatal conditions. The Federation of Organised Trades and Labour Unions of the United States and Canada decided that from May 1, 1886, the working hours would reduce from 16 hour to 8 hour per day.
Significance of International Labour Day:
  • This day originated because of the labour union movement, particularly known as the eight hour day movement in which divides eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and the remaining eight hours for rest purpose.
  • This day has been an important official holiday in the nations such as China, North Korea, Cuba and even the former Soviet Union. This May Day is celebrated in these countries and they feature military parades.

  • This day has been an important point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist as well as anarchist groups.
  • It was the time of the cold war when this day became intermittent for large military parades in the Red Square and many top leaders happily attended it.
History behind International Labour Day:
  • The Second International wanted to commemorate the Haymarket affair which was held in Chicago on 4th May, 1886, so they chose the date for International Worker’s Day.
  • On 4th of May, 1886, seven police officers and four civilians died due to a bomb blast.
  • The dynamite blast was a reply to the killings of the peaceful demonstrations by police the day before.

  • After the bombing, eight anarchists were sentenced to death.
  • The case shaped the international headlines as all the indications suggested that none of those eight men had thrown the bomb.
  • Then later after three years, there was a French socialist party which formed an international day to honour the labour movement and then May 1 was selected as Labour’s Day in commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre.

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