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Christmas is around the corner, so it is time to think of perfect gift for your car enthusiast friend! Do you have limited funds and don’t know what to get them? Fear not as PartsAvatar has ideas for perfect motoring gifts! ~ Brought to you by PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

Are you planning to think of a automotive gift for a car nut around you? There are a number of gifts out there that can fit your budget and will definitely satisfy any car enthusiast.

From item to use in the garage, on the road, in the cars or even a car itself, there are various ideas of motoring gifts. Take a look at some of the ideas that you can use to satisfy your gear head friend.

Bluetooth Cassette adapter
Well there is no doubt that older cars are great but they still lag behind in terms of technology. For those around you, who still love to ride their old car, try to gift them Bluetooth cassette adapter.

This adapter can be used to play music from a portable Bluetooth enabled device and what’s amazing is that you can even take calls, but they will be on speaker mode! So if you want your friend to update his old car this Christmas, then Bluetooth adapter is not that costly.

Automatic cordless tire inflator
Under inflation of tires is really a frustrating issue and also dangerous in regard to our safety on the road. Care for your loved ones by gifting them cordless tire inflator, so that they can easily fill appropriate pressure in their car’s tires. Also give them advice to deploy car's TPMS sensors to monitor the inflation level of your vehicle’s tires.
Believe it or not, properly filled tires make a big difference when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Car Brake Caliper coasters

Shaped like Slotted brake rotors of a car, this set of six coasters are sure to be appreciated by any car nut. 6 individual coasters rest upright in the red metal brake caliper with sufficient weight to serve as a base.

Driving Shoes
Driving shoes were invented for men who wanted extra grip while driving seriously gorgeous Italian roadsters. No man who owns a luxury car would wear his driving shoes until the nubs are worn off and the toe is dirty.

Do you someone who no longer wears his driving shoes? Christmas is probably the perfect time to gift them a pair of driving shoes. Driving shoes are now available in vast range and are manufactured by many big brands.

Car Seat Gap Filler
Do you know someone who spends most of his time in their car? Help them to keep their car seats clean by buying them car seat gap fillers. The benefit of using these fillers is that they squeeze in between the seat and the centre console to keep out fries, change and more.

Is someone having a habit of dropping things like jewelry, keys, change, pens or gum in the car seat .Care for your friends by gifting them drop stop that prevents dangerous distractions due to lost things on the road and can be fit easily between seat and console.

Car Jump Starter
Nothing is worse than standing stranded on a road with dead battery. Many around us love to collect cool car gadgets. Jump starters of cars are one of the cool innovations that can jump start a car using electrical energy.

Make your friend happy by gifting him a jump starter and surely it is going to be a great gift this Christmas for him!

Car Brake Service tool
It is a perfect gift for those folks who love to spend their time in garage engaging and disengaging their car’s auto parts. Electronic auto Brake service tool is a good tool for safe and professional replacement of brake pads on modern vehicles.

You can configure and monitor a lot of brake system components and their functions with this tool. Brake service tool can be used to easily perform service on car’s brake system. And of course brakes can’t be ignored!

Car Mats and Kick Mats
Preserving a car’s interior is very important. Car lover knows how important it is to keep their car spotless. If you know someone with same ideology, help them do that by gifting car mats. High quality mats like one gallon mats can soak up to a gallon of liquid and are highly durable.

Preserving car’s interior is not restricted to floor mats. You can also encourage your friend to take the kids for a spin with the kick mats. They fit so snugly over the back of the driver and passenger seat even a muddy feat can’t damage car’s interior.
Isn’t it a great idea!

Racing Event Tickets

Guys go crazy over racing events. Canada holds various motorsport events which are quite famous in North America like Honda Indy Toronto etc.
Any track event or a race weekend is a great experience for a car fan. The noise and the spectacle is enough to satiate any of them.

So, Do you owe someone concert tickets or musical show event tickets? Then these racing event tickets are a good idea to pay them back and of course they will be on cloud nine. Who won’t like to watch his favorite sports car zooming in then big race tracks?

Heated Massage Cushion

Modern vehicles come equipped with seats which provide high degree of comfort ability. But classic cars aren’t always comfortable. You can be thoughtful this time by gifting them comfortable heated massage cushion, they can have fun ride.
Many special cushions with heat and massage capabilities are available in the market that can easily go from the car to the office.

Even if spend hundred thousand dollars and still don’t get a comfortable ride, that car is just a crap. Help them ride comfortably by gifting them such an amazing item. It will make wonders for those who spend more time on road driving their car.

No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror
Is someone around you a newbie in racing? Or maybe a family member who loves to collect unique car accessories. No blind spot rear view mirror is a cool gift and is widely used by police officers and race car drivers because it provides field view of 180 degrees, thus reducing blind spots.

If you know someone with a passion for automobiles, they are sure to love this gadget.
Being a car enthusiast is all about having fun. Make their Christmas unforgettable by presenting something that they can cherish and use it well!
Happy Christmas from PartsAvatar Auto Parts!!

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