Wake up Shopaholics!! Your favourite money saving Boxing Day is here!! PartsAvatar rounds up fun facts about this day so Take a look!!

What is Boxing Day? What does “boxing” have to do with Christmas celebrations? The best thing is that many stores offer amazing year end deals on their products!! Take a look- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Replacement Auto Parts!!

Everyone is crazy about this word- Shopping. Some shopaholics spend their whole day searching for best deals. But that one day when Santa can catch his breath is Boxing Day.

But let us know about history of this amazing day.

Boxing Day is a centuries old tradition of exchanging gifts. It basically falls on December 26 every year. Why did British choose this day? Long ago on day after Christmas, lords and aristocrats distributed Christmas boxes filled with small gifts, money and leftovers to their household servants and employees, in recognition of good service throughout the year.

In modern language, they distributed holiday bonus. There are various theories about Boxing Day. It is also said that boxes were placed inside the church to get some donation from parishioners to distribute them among poor people. Servants were given a day off to enjoy the day with their family members.

But now, common traditions of Boxing Day are watching sport, charity events, shopping and visiting friends and family.
Boxing Day is considered as a part of Christmas festivities in countries like Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK and Australia.

On Boxing Day, trades people received Christmas boxes usually made of pottery and containing cash or gifts.

Boxing Day is incomplete without meals. Want to cook something typical or with leftovers? Few recipes are popular such as vegetable pie, meat pie and turkey chowder.
Boxing Day’s name differs from country to country. For instance, In South Australia, 26 December is known as Proclamation day. They call it Proclamation day because South Australia was proclaimed as a British province by Captain John Hind marsh on 28 December 1836.

Let us read some quick fun facts about this day.

Boxing Day facts!!
·       First and foremost, please don’t associate Boxing Day as an opportunity to punch others. Boxing Day is called Boxing Day because it was the day family opened the box for poor.

During long voyages or explorations, Christmas box would be placed on ship for good luck. A priest would place it there and crewman would drop money in it to ensure safe return.

In South Africa Boxing Day is known as “Day of goodwill”.

In Ireland it is called “St. Stevens day”.

Boxing Day traditions include shopping and giving gifts.

On Boxing Day 2004, a deadly tsunami swept around 300000 people around the Indian Ocean.

In Canada, Boxing Day is the heaviest shopping day of the year.

Most Nigerians believe that Boxing Day is a day dedicated to boxers.

Boxing Day in US is known as National candy cane day.

Boxing Day is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is so popular that the stores carry savings right through the week with best discounts available in store and online.

Check out the best deals from these retailers.

Best Buy Canada

Best buy deals start from morning 6 with door crasher deals on electronic and kitchen appliances. In 2015, best buy offered $200 off on Toshiba TVs and $650 off on LG TVs. There are lots of other appliances that would be available at lower or half rates.

Customers line up outside Leon’s stores at 7 a.m. on Boxing Day to get special offer on recliners and mattresses, plus up to 70% off some furniture lines.

On Boxing Day, shoppers would be able to grab items for just $5. There are special deals for first hundred customers like a chance to win $10 to $300 off their purchases.

Home Depot
Home depot’s shopping schemes run for more days and you can enjoy great deals on power tools.

Chapters Indigo
Are you a book worm? For nerds, this premier bookstore, gift and lifestyle shop has 60% off select books, home decor, electronics and much more available with free shipping facility for orders over$25.

Boxing week at walmart retail outlets often start on December 26. It offers crazy deals on everything from TVs to Tablets and video games to diapers. Small appliances have their prices slashed.

Sears Canada
Women love shopping. Big news is that Sears Canada offers up to 80% in total savings on women’s, men’s and kid’s styles as well as big price cuts on a wide variety of items including luggage and home exercise equipments.

Pet Smart
Pet smart opens at 7 a.m. on Boxing Day with 50% off selected dog and cat food and treats. You can even enjoy upto 75% off holiday products if the sale extends.

Canadian Tire
Canadian tire’s Boxing Day sales include 70% off household items and tools as well as Christmas clearance with up to 50% off decorations, inflatable, wrapping paper and outdoor decor.

Great door crashing offers for those who plan ahead for next year.

From Christmas eve to boxing day, preloved will be offering 50% off on all items as well as you can get the benefit of free shipping for orders over $50.

If you are a sports freak, you would love to replace your old golf gears on reasonable prices. This time you won’t have to do window shopping, as you can actually shop across the window.

Sport chek offers upto 60%off on sport accessories like snowboards, skis and golf gears. So, don’t miss your chance, set your alarm clock now.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes
Want to shop for footwear this winter? Boxing Day is a good opportunity to buy shoes, boots at Dr. Scholl’s shoes because it usually offers 50% off shoes and other selected footwear as well as free shipping until December 31.

So Shoppers, you can fill your bucket list. Don’t forget to set your alarm clocks. Also, these sales are based on previous year data. So it’s better, to go online and spare some time to check their exclusive offers.

Happy Shopping!

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