Chevrolet Volt Premier - Run smooth, silent and green! Don't have a new green car yet? Tune up your emissions with better parts

Still driving a Polluting Gas Guzzler? See the new 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier- Runs cheap, silent and clean

 Chevrolet is making its place in the hybrid world by introducing electric driving cars that will be travelling 200 miles or more per charge. Cars are not solely battery operated, but if the battery gets tapped, fuel or gasoline takes charge.You can then forget about your gas burning engine and polluting car exhaust fumes! Everyone wants to have a good, smooth experience of hybrid electric car and Chevrolet 2017 volt provides this without any refueling drawbacks.
It is a flexible and user friendly car. You will get 106 MPGe from volt typically or 42 MPG on gas. 

You can choose mode of driving as
Normalmode (uses battery first, then gas)
Sport (profligate with power when you hit the accelerator)
Mountain (more efficient at greater inclines)
Holdmode (changes instantly to gas mode saving battery’s charge for later on)

Electric range is the primary reason of buying a hybrid car. Compared to volt’s 53 miles, other hybrid cars like Ford Fusion Energi, Kia Optima PHEV are not in same league because volt is blended plug in hybrid i.e. it is EREV.

For the hybrid world, volt is standing at number one position due to its performance efficiency compared to other automobile companies. General motors is serious about efficiency.
To date, volt’s EV range is unmatched by blended computers. The car is able to stay in EV mode for full speed acceleration with zero emissions. This EV is equipped with 2.4 G gas tank and its speed and power are limited in range extended mode especially in mountains.
Volt comes with sleek four door hatchback with 1.5 L four cylinder engine and two AC motors for propulsion.An 18.4 KWH battery pack runs down the volt’s spine inside T shaped box.
This review focuses on points that may help you to get a better idea about 2017 Chevrolet Volt.


As mentioned above, once the battery is tapped out, the 101 hp engine fires up to drive the front wheels and recharge lithium ion cells with the help of motors or generators. By punching console button you can change the mode to sport, mountain, hold or normal mode. Sport mode sharpens the throttle response. Mountain mode keeps the battery in reserve to help the engine ascend steep grades. Hold saves the battery for later use such as visiting cities where combustion engines are prohibited. The gas engine does not directly drive the wheels instead it creates electricity for electric motors in car.  Volt’s speed can be controlled in most situations using accelerator pedals. You can do this by dropping shift lever to L position.

Chevrolet volt premier costs $38445 which is equipped with leather seats, Bose8 speaker audio system , finishes aluminum wheels, wireless phone charging,  automatic parking assist, a heated outside mirror and an auto dimming inside mirror.


Chevrolet is silent in action and provides a decent driving experience.  Steering is tight on the centre and quick to hunt down the apexes. Driving is firm but not painful. Dashboard gets soft touch plastic with 8 inch My link infotainment touch screen system installed which is quite responsive. This touch screen system supports both apple car play and android auto. You will have to spend $495 more for Chevrolet’s navigation system.  It also provides On star 4G LTE hotspot in it.
Volt’s cellular link allows checking its location, unlocking it and starting it.

Volt also provides two driver’s confidence packages for additional $495 as blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts and lane keep assist, low speed front automatic braking system, auto headlamps. These packages could be costly but they do provide good amount of safety.

volt is five seater vehicle. there is plenty of room under the hatch. Passengers could feel cramped in the backseat. Backseat space is 0.6 inches longer than first generation in legroom and 0.2 inches less on the head room. There is also 120V charging cable in the trunk which works with any regular household outlet and could take up to 13 hours for charging the battery. Better go for 240V level 2 charger that takes four and half hours to fully charge the battery. In cold conditions electric heating capacity of battery takes more energy than A/C and it can reduce its range by one third.

As for summer, volt gives its standard output of 53 miles without much problem. Basically, efficiency depends upon driver and its conditions.
The volt is a compact family car with space wise limitations. It is best for one or two people day to day or those with kids. Outboard occupants ride with their noggins under the hatch glass and their knees rubbing the front seat backs.

One can also do close comparisons with tools by U.S. EPA’s which lets one look at mpg, electric range,tailpipe emissions and upstream average.
Despite volt’s eco image, it is fun to drive. Its gasoline hybrid power engine provides better acceleration and greater efficiency. The all electric range is 53 miles after which the gas starts up to recharge the battery. For hybrid loving people, volt is the number one choice.

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