Are you hearing a nasty screech? Visit Parts Avatar to buy perfect car brakes and change them on yourself !!

Are you hearing a nasty screech? Learn how to change your car’s brake all by yourself
Whenever you press the brake pedal in your car, do you hear the sound like monsters are playing the loudest music every time you need to slow down? Well, this is the time to change your car brakes.
Working of a car brake system
One of the most important components in your driving experience is a car’s braking system. This car part would protect you from smashing into the bus which is in front of you full of people. This is a basic hydraulic system which allows you to apply force at the pedal which would be translated into clamping force at the wheel.
How would you know that it is the correct time to change the Car Brakes?
Whenever a brake pad would wear down, it would often make a squeaking sound when applied. After hearing this, the driver knows that it is the time to change the brakes soon. Many new cars have evolved which have brake pad sensors already installed in their system. If your brake pads are low, then you will be able notice a change in your brake fluids level.
How to change the car brakes?
You can change your car brakes with regular hand tools in your garage. The first step is to acquire the following tools:-
  • Ratchet
  • Breaker bar
  • Sockets
  • Wrenches
  • Jack stands
  • Gloves
You must choose ceramic brake pads as they would provide you with the best brake feel and the longest protection against brake fade. But a little more dust would be accumulated on your wheel then conventional pads. Now if we talk about rotors, any cheap rotor would work. Choose the rotor which suits you best.
Loosen Lugs
If you want to buy the best front lug nuts, then engage your emergency brake and then turn the counter with the car on the ground. Don’t forget that you are just loosening it up and not removing it.  Use a regular ratchet to take off the loose lugs. If you are working on the rear, then you must put the bricks behind the front wheels and apply parking brake so that you can remove the lug nuts easily. Once the wheel is off, then you can remove the parking brake.
Raise the Car
Put your hydraulic jack underneath the car’s frame. There are some cars which have black rubber pads that serve as the jacking points. Place the jack stand under the car, allow the car to rest on jack stands and make sure that its weight does not shift. Now you can remove the wheels. This is a great time for you to clean all your wheels which are covered with brake dust.
Loosen Caliper
There are some bolts on the caliper. Remove the bolts carefully and then the caliper would be able to slide out. Use a screwdriver to pry out the caliper. Allow the caliper to rest on the suspension and don’t put any strain on the brake.
Remove Caliper carrier
There are two bolts on the rear of the hub that keeps the caliper carrier on. They are tight, so you can always use a breaker bar.
Remove the Rotor
Whack the rotor with a hammer and then it would come out. There are some rotors which have a screw, which should be removed first and only then a rotor would come out. If the car is old, then it must be covered with rust, which can be an issue. So there is no need to beat it with a hammer as there may be threaded holes that you can force bolts through and then release the caliper.
Install new Rotor
Before you start installing a new rotor, take off the rust of the hub with the help of a wire brush. This would prevent corrosion in future. When you are installing a new rotor, you must use a lug nut and an open ended wrench to secure it. Tighten the rest of the components.
Assemble carrier
All the carrier bolts should be replaced and then should be tightened down.
Compress the caliper
Use a C-clamp and old brake pads, and then compress the caliper piston. To avoid risk, make sure to have the cap off the brake reservoir.
Install pads and caliper
The next step is to install the pads in the carrier and then use a little bit of anti squeal grease on the outside of the pad as this would ensure a smooth operation. Carefully install all the caliper bolts. Tighten all the bolts and check if anything is left.
Put on wheels
This is a major step and indeed an easy one. All you have to do is to just tighten the lugs with the help of a wrench or you can even use a breaker bar. Repeat this process for all the 4 wheels.
Break in Pads and Braking System
During the first few miles you may experience some sort noise. Don’t worry it is extremely normal. If you are on highway, then you can accelerate more and you can gradually slow down your speed and repeat this process a few times. After that just drive normally and listen if there are any odd noises. If everything is going well, then it means that you have replaced your brakes perfectly.
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