Changing Your Oil every Season is a Good Idea

You should keep a few things in mind when observing how the car oil should be changed. Heat the car well, before coming to your appointment. Wait a few minutes, before letting them take your car. It will be slightly cooler for the mechanic. It’s desirable that a car is hot, so the oil easily drains to completion. Otherwise, it will stick to places inside the car engine or oil pan. When hot and runny, any grit should drain altogether. It’s likely the mechanics will put the car up on a lift and remove the drain plug from the oil pan below the engine. While everything drains out, many times, mechanics will inspect the car in all parts. Then there is the oil change procedure. Mechanics look at the brake lines, undercarriage, fuel line, gas tank, wheels, steering and suspension structures, tires and tire pressure. In any case, they will even look at your brake pads. Oil leaks in areas when up on a lift; this makes it easier for mechanics to spot. When removing and replacing the oil filter, mechanics will rigorously wipe the area that interconnects with the engine, using a clean cloth. They will also apply a daub of clean oil to the gasket of the new filter. A clean surface-to-surface connection is needed to stop leaks. Once the right amount of oil is added in your car, the mechanic will start its car engine, drive it for a while, turn it off and do a level check up. Oil can be added, even as the oil filter fills up. Many garages will apply the amount that comes with the filter. After changing oil, make aware, the ground beneath the car, where it got parked and for how long, either at home or at work. If you did not properly tighten the oil pan plug or filter, oil can bleed out and show visible wherever you parked the car. When the oil is cautiously low, taking a glimpse is a good idea! It’s a MUST to check the oil lever days after changing the oil.

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